Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Alan Wake

Alan Wake - Helix Mod

After a lot of testing for me this solution offered the best results:
- graphic settings: everything maximized besides from FXAA (off) and shadows (low)
- Using the attached shader overrides
- Using the DX9Settings.ini from Helix's post
- Using the debug dll (not the release dll!)from Helix
- AFTER the game has loaded deactivate the pixel shader F585A3A1 (in my case always index # 319) and FB330F3E (in my case always index # 315). This removes the wrong rendered dynamic shadows for the flashlight, headlights and street lights. Disabling these shaders by override removes the light cones completely but disabling them after the game has loaded keeps them visible as pale rectangular spots. So You still get the necessary informations about dark and light for the gameplay. The borders of the light cone is still a little bit irritating but I learned to ignore it. FB330F3E also replaces the central spot of the flashlight cone making it harder to recognize. As this spot helps aiming I deactivated FB330F3E only when it was necessary (inside buildings or driving a car with headlights).
This solution offers acceptable S3D using 100% depth for scenarios in the forest during night-time or within dark buildings - which makes about 80% of the gameplay. The sky is still at wrong depth but I didn't want to remove it. Unfortunately I couldn't find a shader for moon or sun.
I hope that there will be an update from the developers but with this workaround Alan Wake is at least playable with S3D. It is a little bit more difficult as the light spots are less obvious and the enemies harder to detect (had to remove the "darkness aura" as it caused halos). But You should be able to play it without a trainer as I did to be able to rush through the game to find S3D issues :shifty:

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Here some images: [WWW]http://photos.3dvisi...85012803000004/

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