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Thanks a lot for the updates and for the fix of Amalur! The lighting issue is significantly reduced. Unfortunately now I have two bars at the side of the screen where lighting disappears. See: [WWW]http://photos.3dvisi...8501537e0000c0/ Changing frustum removes these bars by strechting the image or making them completely black. But both solutions are not very satisfying. Changing depth or convergence has no effect on the size of the bars. Disabling the fixed shader for the lighting removes these bars (and the lighting!). Any idea what could cause these bars? I'm playing with 1680x1050 if the resolution does matter.
It is great to see that You can even solve issues with water reflections or halos! These issues are very common and solving them would make a lot of games more enjoyable. It is interesting that the iZ3D driver also uses a method to prevent halos and issues with water surfaces. Until now I've played Amalur using the iZ3D driver as it offered a flawless S3D with shadows turned off and lighting disabled with Your debug dll.
I've also had a look at "Hunted The Daemon's Forge" as it is a UR3 game that suffers from numerous halos caused by fog or water surfaces. Unfortunately removing these issues by disabling pixel shaders also removed the complete objects like water or fog. If I play the same game using the iZ3D diver I don't have any issues with halos. So there must be a way to handle these shaders that they are correctly presented in S3D without causing halos.
Do You think it is possible to fix the common halo issues in UR3 games using fixed shaders? Disabling these problematic halo shaders is a workaround suitable for some redundant fog effects. But disabling complete water surfaces turns some landscapes into floating islands like in Avatar :blink:
It would be great if You can find a way to fix these "halo shaders" and if possible could teach us noobs how to do that :biggrin:

BTW if I use Your debug dll in combination with iZ3D the saved shaders in the SingleShaders dump folder have another CRC32 filename than the one that is displayed in the debug HUD. The CRC32 displayed in the HUD is the correct one to use later for the file in the override folder. So if I note down the correct CRC32 shown in the HUD it is no problem. The content of the wrong named shader is the same as the content of the correct named shader I can find in the AllShaders folder.
Depth and convergence presets would be extremly usefull. Amalur is a good example. Using iZ3D I can switch between two completely different settings that both are perfect for gameplay on the one hand or cutscenes on the other hand.Would love to also do that with 3DVision and not having to find a compromise for both situations.
As You I'm also excited to discover what can be done with shaders and learning not only to disable but fix then.
Disabling shaders only makes sense to games that only have a few issues and the game and visuals don't suffer too much when removing these elements. Removing all the issues in Hunted ruined many sceneries so I gave up to fix it. It didn't make sense as iZ3D allows me to play it without issues.
A good example for fixing games by disabling shaders is
It's an UR3 game that works good with 3DVision. There only are issues with some light effects around certain street lamps and smoking wheels during full braking. My fix simply removes these issues without vitiating the graphics as You won't miss these effects.
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