Thursday, March 1, 2012

TESV: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Written by Chiz, HeliX, Boris ENB Series with other contributions

3D Vision Live Gallery

Skyrim Nexus Link: *DOWNLOAD*

This mod uses -=HeliX=- mod tools, a d3d9.dll wrapper and shader injector created by the brilliant -=HeliX=-, to fix all of the major issues Skyrim has when played in stereoscopic 3D with Nvidia's 3D Vision solution. On a more technical level, the wrapper intercepts d3d9 shader draw calls and literally transforms them to render at different or corrected depths.

While the vanilla version of Skyrim looks fantastic in 3D "by accident", this complete compatibility mod makes the experience near-perfect. You don't need any other mods for 3D Vision with this complete mod, but feel free to mix and match as you like. ENB/FXAA/MLAA injector libraries should also work, see instructions below.

Major features and fixes of this mod:

  • *NEW* Includes HeliX's "perfect" water refraction shader fixes. This should fix water properly and permanently and allow you to use whatever water mod of your choice!
  • Uses -=HeliX=- mod to push 2D UI, map, crosshair, and floating quest markers to 3D depths to improve comfort and compatibility at high depth settings.
  • Ports Boris' ENB 3D stereo fix moon and aurora fixes to -=HeliX=- mod.
  • Includes Dorkirt's 3D Vision Compatibility Project skybox fixes. replaced by sky/galaxy/cloud shader fixes by me so all popular star/galaxy mods should work.
  • Includes chizow's 3D Vision Water Fix using Creation Kit. replaced by water fixes by HeliX.
  • -=HeliX=- for his amazing mod tools and tutorial, and brilliant water fixes in V2.2
  • Boris ENB Series for his original 3D stereo fix and moon/aurora fix code
  • Dorkirt for his original 3D Vision compatibility mod
  • Bethesda for releasing Skyrim
  • Nvidia and their guys behind the guys for releasing and supporting awesome 3D hardware
  • Anyone who has made mods to help make 3D Vision better.
 HeliX "Perfect" Water Update

3D Vision Complete Compatibility Mod (HeliX Water not included yet)

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