Saturday, March 23, 2013


Fix By Eincrou

3D Video Before Fix

3D Video of Reflections Removed


When I bought this game last fall, I was really surprised that it worked so well in S3D. It has not been rated by Nvidia.  The only real problem is that the reflections render at screen depth.

The reflections are annoying, even in 2D, since they effectively double the amount of crap on screen.  I tried to use the Helix Mod to see if the reflections could be removed, but unfortunately it was not possible to load the game with the debugger.

I just tried again, using the launcher Helix created, and I was able to use the debugger to find and disable these reflections.  The game is now a flawless stereoscopic 3D experience.

This fix:

  1. Disables all reflections.

Remaining Issues:

  1.  None

Change log:

  • v1: (2013-03-22)
    • Initial fix to remove reflections


  1. Extract the zip to the same location as Symphony.exe.  For me, this is:
  2. Before launching the game, run HeliXmodLauncher.exe.  Keep it running in the background for the entire time you play.


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