Sunday, April 28, 2013

Papo & Yo

Papo & Yo it's a great game....very good story and a very emotional ending. Music it's also amazing and follows the story very well.

update 05-07-2013

- Effects fixed (water, dust, smoke, fire, others)
- Shadows
- Graffitis/images in walls

"P" key set convergence for Cut-scenes
"O" key set convergence for Help Boxes

- Extract the content of the .zip where .exe is
- Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\PapoYo\PYGame\Config\PYEngine.ini and edit the line AllowNvidiaStereo3d=False to AllowNvidiaStereo3d=True


Screenshot Gallery

THANKS! to Helix for create the magic lua script!!! this script fix the entire game.
Thanks to eqzitara and Pirateguybrush for helping/testing.


  1. Thanks.

    Gameplay is average but the Story and Music make it worth playing

  2. For some reason, this fix isn't working... When in 3D mode, I can't see the text in the main menu. When in game, I see double shadows and the lighting effects (especially in the distance) are all doubled as well.

    I recently downloaded the fix-it-yourself driver/debugger thing where you can disable shaders yourself... was doing that in another game. That wouldn't somehow be affecting this game or breaking/overriding these fixes, would it?

    On Windows 8 with a 660 ti. Any tips or help would be appreciated. I would love to play this game in 3D! :)

    1. C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\PapoYo\PYGame\Config\PYEngine.ini and edit the line AllowNvidiaStereo3d=False to AllowNvidiaStereo3d=True

      Did you do that?

    2. Also ,yes. Dont do that.

      Use only files included with game. Stuff from others games are not compatible.


      Try this

    4. Also I misunderstood, anything you do in a "different game" is fine.
      Just dont bring anything over.

    5. What the heck... The file didn't work at first, so I deleted local files via steam and reinstalled the game. Then I tried the zip you just provided. When I launched it, I could see text in the main menu! :) But, shadows (more noticably, the shaded sides of the 3D models) were still doubled. It looked as though everything else could have been fixed, but not certain. Next, I tried deleting everything in the MyDocs/My Games folder because I noticed that even though I re-installed the game, it still showed AllowNvidiaStereo3d=True... Then I launched again, and let it recreate that folder. Quit, set AllowNvidiaStereo3d=True and launched. Now it's just like it was at first... text isn't visible in the main menu. Dangit :/

      I really appreciate your quick responses and efforts to help! I'll keep messing with it and see if I can figure anything else out. It's helpful people like you that make me want to join in on making these fixes and contributing to the 3D gaming community. :)

    6. Is it possible I'm using something other than DirectX9?

      It's probably something stupid that I did.

    7. I dont think you are doing anything wrong, people had issues when trying the an earlier version. Its not my patch though so will have to wait for dhr. I was just trying something that I thought would of worked.

    8. If you want to mess with it though. Download our debugger and go through pixelshaders. You should see it look normal when you hit the the one thats messing it up. Use numpad 4/5. Then write down the name of it.
      [in folder injector/debug]

    9. The only thing i can add, is to remove the line for proxylib in the dx9settings.ini.

      I don't have windows 8 to test.

    10. OH MY GAWD how embarrassing. I was doing something wrong. (Eqzitara, you are too nice!)

      I had just been putting these fixes into the PapoYo folder, NOT the actual folder that contained the .exe file. I had to put it in Binaries/Win32 to get it to work.

      WOW, I didn't even look to make sure the .exe was in the PapYo folder. I'm so sorry guys. Thanks for your help!!!

      By the way, the original fix (top of this page) worked fine for everything except the menu text. Applying the shaderoverride by eqzitara fixes that though! So at least all this wasn't a total waste.

      So embarrassed. Thanks again guys!

    11. I had same issue with text tbh.

  3. OP with the problem here...

    I didn't install those other drivers/debuggers in the same directory or anything... I was wondering if just using them on the same pc (different game) could affect this fix?

    And yes, I did change the PYEngine.ini file to say AllowNvidiaStereo3d=True.

    Perhaps I should try uninstalling, and then reinstalling and applying the fix again.


    1. Dang, meant to make ^this^ a reply to eqzitara's reply. I'm such a noob. :|


      try this

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  5. No wonder Nvidia 3D died, all of the work you guys did, and it all seems to have ended up for nothing. This is the third 3D game in a row I can not get working correctly (I always found Helix mod games to be pretty much perfect). I have installed the fix in the .exe folder, and changed the .ini to enable Nvidia 3D... but the menus disappear if the depth or convergence is anything about 2D. Either The game has updated, or nvidia has borked something. Really sad though as I am pretty much ready to give in on 3D :-( I can't even save my changes to convergence with F7 anymore, it just reverts to the default value. If anyone knows of any way to help me, I would be incredibly grateful! I'm using 382.05 drivers

    1. That's a bold extrapolation to go from a problem that you are having, to 3D Vision being dead, and it all a waste of time.

      This sounds like it is installed in the wrong folder, based on the other comments in the thread. Try using the 3D Fix Manager instead, it takes care of the details and makes it harder to mess up.

      Also the 382 branch is not particularly good, roll back to 378 branch. Not being able to save convergence means there is no profile for the game.

  6. Do Nvidia even retail 3D vision kits any longer? I genuinely thought that Nvidia 3D was dead (not actively made, marketed or sold by Nvidia). If they do I stand corrected, but a quick google shows only second hand kits.

    As for my frustration, after having a few months away from 3D (mostly busy with real life and VR for my gaming needs) I have found getting games working in 3D has taken more time than actually playing (I really don't have much free time hence the annoyance)... worst of all, after spending around 6 hours tinkering, I have failed to find a solution for three games in a row (Call of duty Black ops was the last one, with half the screen being black) in one eye.

    As for the Fix, thanks for trying to help bo3b. I have already tried 3D Fix Manager to install the patch. I managed to sort out the convergence issue with the manager, but the menus were still missing at any depth or convergence other than 2D or near to it. I will give it another try at the weekend. The 3D fix manager is a god send though as making shortcut set ups easier. I will update if I find a solution :-)

    1. Yep, the retails kits are still available. Amazon has them. They come in and out of stock, they don't keep a lot on hand, so sometimes when you look it'll be sold out. But they keep making new ones, and have for the last 3 years at least. Also, more to the point, they still fix 3D problems that we report, and they keep the driver updated for 3D. As long as they keep the software working, it's still live.

      Biggest problem is the complexity of the setups, because of all the variance. Having to do EDID overrdides and 3D TV Play problems make it a lot more complicated than we'd want. No question that sometimes it's a big pain.

      Problems like the CoD:black ops one eye problem are the usual one-off driver problems. Broken in one, fixed after we report it. Best plan is not up date all the time, stop changing variables. Windows 10 and the very latest driver is a recipe for problems and wasted time, and both are stupid and pointless, because neither bring anything of value to the table.

      For people looking for simplicity and stability, spending their time actually playing games- use Win7 and an older driver from the 368 branch. 378 branch is OK, but not as good. Latest branch is broken because of f*ing "creators update". Windows 10 sucks for 3D gaming because of the forced, unblockable, updates.

      A lot of people prefer to run Windows 10 instead of play in 3D, and that's their choice, but really they ought to just buy a console if they are looking for that elusive ease-of-use.

    2. BTW, that last comment suggests Windows 10 doesn't work for 3D Vision. It does for the most part, but it's a *lot* more fiddly. Shit breaks all the time. People should follow the forums for the latest problems and workarounds.

      For simplicity, dual boot to Win7 for gaming.