Friday, May 17, 2013

LA Noire

LA Noire
By Chiri / Eqzitara
Picture by Smarteck

Recommended Fix: Use the GTA5 game profile, instead of this fix (3-15-17 from k3nnykid).

Fixed: Chiri - unlocks convergence with custom settings; Eqzitara - hud

Adjust your convergence/depth to your liking for gameplay. While values for closeup scenes such as notepad will automatically be taken care.

Install to.. /LA Noire/

Advanced Users Only[Tweaking. This not required]
If you want custom convergence by scene type. Open your nvapi ini.
[Following directions by Chiri]
Technical Information[This applies to L.A Noire]
1) No more dirty patching of a specific driver version DLL. The new nvapi.dll is a decorator(wrapper) to the original dll in the windows/system directory and should work with any driver version.

2) Not all convergence settings written by the game are ignored: The DLL reads a nvapi.ini file from the current directory which contains a convergence value mapping for conversion values which should be used to override the user set convergence value using hot keys.

Here is my nvapi.ini file for L.A. Noire:


Map1=from 3e99999a to 0.3
;Map2=from 3ffb4e53 to 2.0
Map2=from 3f800000 to 1.0
Map3=from 3f666666 to 0.9

The value 3ffb4e53 (= around 1.9) is the game setting for normal play settings. This is not mapped by the ini file (; = comment) and therefore overwritten with the user convergence file from hot-keys. The other entries map fixed game values like notebook view, title screen etc. which can be mapped to other values.

3) Logging of game value writes: If you set Convergence=1 in the ini file, all writes to convergence value from the game are logged into a text file. This allows you to find the values to set in [ConvergenceMap].


  1. ///

    You did it! looks great. Thank you so much for this guys =D

    Some screenshots:

    Now I only need to configure SweetFX. I know for FXAA TOOL I must rename the dll of FXAATOOL and add this line in the file dx9settings.ini:

    ProxyLib = E:\Gaming Spot\Steam\SteamApps\common\l.a.noire\d3d9fx.dll

    What is the dll file that I need add to use SweetFX?

    Thank you!


    1. about SweetFX, it does not matter .. turned out to be the same process :P

      Thanks again guys!


    2. Ill take one of your pictures. Mine kept coming out messed up. It was actually happening in jade empire as well.

    3. It was kind of funny because they literally screwed up when implementing for 3D vision. I just disabled a line of code.

    4. By any chance are you using Sweetfx because nvidia override isnt working properly in 3D?

      This is only game where I had 3D get messed up by trying to override with better AA setting. I guess I can just settle for in-game AA + injector but Im just trying curious.

  2. Is this fix outdated by any chance? After extracting the contents of the into steam's L.A. Noire directory, the game always crashes at launch.


  3. Use Grand Theft Auto 5 profile! Works great! Put dx11 in game settings. Also works with sweetfx etc.

    1. Does the grand theft auto 5 profile of the helix mod really work on l.a noire????

    2. You don't need any fixes, just use gtaV profile instead l.a.noire. It works better then this fix for la noire. It is deep and i haven't seen any bugs.

    3. Thanks for the tip. I've edited the post to recommend that, because the convergence tweaker tools are pretty old.