Sunday, June 30, 2013

Total War: Shogun 2

Total War: Shogun 2
By Andysonofbob

Required settings: DX9 mode, Shadows off.

This is definately a game of two halfs: the battle phases as well as the campaign map.

The battle phases

Both land and sea have had all the dodgy effects removed. So much so I would call it 3D Ready if it weren't for the 2D mouse. Personally 2D mouses concern me less in RTS where they would be a game breaker in an FPS or 3rd person game. I guess this is because you can move them and you can still accurately aim between the 'two' cursers...

You do loose flaming buildings and ships but the be building do look like they are smouldering; the ships just have a heat wave effect around them now though. Flaming arrows are fine.

The campaign map

For this I have removed: roads, rivers, province borders, province zones and unit range zones have been removed. This isn't as bad as it sounds. Roads and rivers are cosmetic (I didn't realise they had gone and the bridges remain as visual clues), the minimap still shows the province zones and borders and holding right mouse button previews the selected path of the unit including range and turns required!

The only issue remaining on the campaign map are the town names which are 2D. This would do my head in during battles but I don't mind them on the campaign map for some reason...

For those who want the campaign map left alone and are happy to toggle 2D for these sections

Inside both pixel and vertex shader folders is a folder called Basic. Remove and replace all the shaders with the ones in the folders. (I have simply removed the shaders relating to the campaign map.)


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  1. Thanks for this fix, I picked up the game during the Steam Summer sale and I'm just now trying it out.

    One issue I had was some red text at the top indicating convergence and so forth. I deleted the .dll included here and threw in a copy from one of the other fixes, and that solved it. Looks like maybe a debug version was mistakenly included.