Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gas Guzzlers - 3D Vision Fix

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69

1. Skybox.
2. Distant terrain.

Screenshots and Video
Screenshots and videos can be found on SolutionGaming, here GasGuzzlers SG.

A simple fix for the sky and distant terrain, that seems to work very well in all levels tested.

Outstanding Issues
There are some minor issues, that were worked on:
1. There is a slight fog/smoke issue, that was easy to track down and identify, but which can't be fixed with the latest DLL.  It can be disabled using the debugger if anyone cares to.
2. HUD is at screen depth, including car name tags.  I fixed this initially, but then found out that not all Hud elements displayed correctly at resolutions different to desktop.  The fix involved compensating for a pre-shader that uses screen size, and I am guessing that is where the problem lies.

The above are small issues, and the game looks fantastic otherwise.

1. Extract this zip file to the games exe directory.
2. Play.


  1. Hi, there is a error in your download link. There is no H before ttps :)

  2. Please check the link I can not download


  3. I just bought this recently when it was on sale and noticed the sky fix wasn't working anymore. So I hunted down the new CRC, the fix only contained a single Vertex Shader. The new CRC is A1590414, so just rename 00CC87F6.txt in the VertexShaders folder to A1590414.txt.

    I also tried using the x64 dll as well with the fix and both release versions seemed to work fine with the fix, I had issues with the debug versions though ... unresponsive rebound hunting keys until I copied over the stuff from the original DX9Settings.ini and then crashing when/after dumping the shader.

    I did have issues with it crashing when exiting the game so I just used my auto steam overlay disable script to disable the overlay.

    1. ^^^ The above CRC correction was for Gas Guzzlers Extreme ... I didn't know there were different versions the original fix may still work for Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage. :)

    2. Is it possible to have a real and complete fix for Gas Guzzler Extreme? Nametags are the most noticeable fix to make (+ smoke and x64 version). Thanks. Regards.

  4. Thanks to mike_ar69 and TsaebehT for the 3D Vision fix and the extreme version fix. Bought this during the summer sale and loved it, really fun game.

  5. The game is now DirectX 11 with a new renderer. Is it possible to have the fix updated?

    1. Very unlikely. This is a DX11 update for XBone, the graphics did not really change.

      If you really enjoy this game, you need to learn how to make fixes and be the one to do it.