Monday, July 1, 2013

Pay Day: The Heist - 3D Vision Fix

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69

1. Lighting
2. Halos
3. Shadows
4. Heat Haze
5. Wall Reflections
6. Hud Elements
7. Fog, smoke
8. Provided two convergence presets (high/low) (toggle with key "9")
9. Left in a toggle for fix on/off (toggle with key "0")


A surprisingly fun game, once you get past the stage where all you have is a crappy little gun.  Varied levels, and performs great.
Out of the box stereo is TERRIBLE.  Everything is wrong with lighting and shadows, fog, smoke etc.
I would rate the fix as GOOD, since there are still issues remaining, but it is entirely playable, and if in doubt at any point how bad it was, press the "0" toggle key.

Outstanding Issues
1. Lighting is vastly improved but there still remains visible 'light cones' or more correctly 'light domes' around lamps and wall/ceiling lights.  Quite ignorable though after a short while, though some wall lights also look a bit 'off' since I removed a fix that aligned the lights properly but enhanced the 'dome' effect and I think it looks better this way.
2. Shadows are vastly improved but not quite 'fixed' in the perfect sense.  The shadows are perfect when the convergence is set = 1.  I do not know why.  I provide two convergence presets, one for when C=1, and one for when C<>1.  You should not mess with the C=1 preset, those shadows are perfect and if you don't mind playing a bit flat, it's not too awful.  The other preset uses an approximation for the shadows for all other values of convergence and it does not look bad - the shadows just look a bit 'under the ground' rather than stuck on it.  I finally discovered why this happens, but have not found a solution yet, other than to look for a different shader that might fix the shadows (I fixed a Vertex shader, but there is also a Pixel shader).  The reason the shadows don't work for all convergence is because in the vertex shader, after doing the VPM transform the transformed value for r0.z is ALWAYS =0, and the transformed value for r0.w is ALWAYS =1.  i.e. there is NO DEPTH INFORMATION.  I have never seen this before.
3. HUD - in the menus there is in a couple of places where you select from a list an orange stripe that highlights the selection that is always at screen depth.  Could not find a shader to turn that off.  Press "0" to disable all fixes while in menus to put all the HUD at screen depth if this bothers you.
4. Some minor effects.  For example on the Bridge Level, the rain drops that splash on the ground are in 2d at screen depth.

Some of the games 2D rendering is a bit crap and cheap, and nothing to do with stereo 3D or the fix: for example shadows rendering quality visibly changes from 'OK' to 'awful' before your eyes as you get closer to  or further away from them; in game setting disable the 'adaptive lighting', it makes things look dark in odd ways (I think its trying to do some kind of HDR).

1. Extract this zip file to the games exe directory.  In my case this is D:\Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY The Heist.
2. Play.


  1. I was wondering if you could look into "Trapped Dead" I would love very much 2 play this one in 3D but the shadows and lighting are completly
    ****ed in 3D and the mouse cursor needs to be in 3D too. Please help me?!

    1. Ok I picked this up for $2.50 on Amazon. Yes it is f****d up. A quick look at it tells me that this is not trivial either, the same shaders is used for multiple things. In 1.5hrs I managed to fix just one lighting issue. Will perhaps chip away at this when I have more time.

    2. You are THE MAN, Mike!
      Thank you guys A LOT for supporting 3D Vision community!
      nVidia should hire your for quite a big bux to support it's 3D Vision gear! :)
      Oh, and by the way, HAPPY UPCOMING NEW YEAR!!! Hope to see many more outstanding 3D Vision fixes from you in 2014! :)))

  2. Hi - I am not familiar with that game. If its cheap on Steam I might be able to look at it. What type of game is it?

  3. Could you possibly add Chiri's mod to this game (and possibly also to the sequel which is in beta right now) with higher convergence values in "normal" game mode and when shooting and aiming down the sights the convergence would automatically go to the proper setting when pressing the right mouse button. Thanks for the great work so far on this game. It was unplayable in 3D before your fix and now it's actually pretty damn good (as a suggestion, this could use a bit more convergence and that's where the Chiri's mod could possibly come in, and also I'll try to see if it's possible to set the FOV a little higher?). I really appreciate you hard work on this!

    1. Helix's right click feature isnt related to chiri's.

      Open your dx9settings.ini
      PresetsKeysList = 1;2;3;4;
      PresetsKeysList = 1;2;3;4;5;

      Then go to the VERY BOTTOM. Paste this

      Key = 501
      Presets = 10;
      Type = 2
      //Delay = 150

      UseSepSettings = true
      SaveSepSettings = true
      Convergence = 0x3fda80dd
      Separation = 0x42bc0000

      UseSepSettings = true
      SaveSepSettings = true

    2. Thanks, that worked great! Can the same be done with other games as well?

    3. Thanks for picking this up eqzitara - I can barely keep up.

      Yes eqzitara's settings above can be used in any game I believe.

      Chiri's mod is not necessary in this game. You can set whatever convergence you like and save it by pressing the F7 key. I am a 'low convergence' gamer, so I guess that's why my preset might seem low. The only thing I suggest is that you make sure you toggle (key "9") first to the preset that is *not* convergence = 1, since that gets handled slightly differently in the shader code fix. Change the other one. For FOV, this can be changed in the game menus I believe.

      If you have not seen it, I put a fix up for PayDay2 Beta as well, which is mostly the same as this one, but has a few extra issues (they 'improved' the engine ;-) that I have not had chance to address.

    4. I think he means this.

      Its enabled on all helixmod games with gunsights. Except Fallout series/ Call of duty 3 [cause Im lazy]
      But you can use what I listed for any game where helix dll is compatible /dx9