Thursday, July 25, 2013

PayDay 2 Beta - 3D Vision Fix

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69

This is a WIP, developed for the Beta.  There are still several issues in the release version of the game, but this mod does make the game very playable ("Fair" rating).

1. Lighting
2. Halos
3. Shadows
4. Heat Haze
5. Wall Reflections
6. Some Hud Elements
7. Fog, smoke
8. Provided two convergence presets (high/low) (toggle with key "9")
9. Left in a toggle for fix on/off (toggle with key "0")





This fix is a port from my PayDay the Heist fix. I had to convert a few to different CRCs, but it all seems to work. There are few remaining issues, as well as the issues that still remained in Pay Day The Heist. Since this is a beta release of the game, I won't be able to test all levels until the game is finally out.

Outstanding Issues
1. Lighting is vastly improved but there still remains visible 'light cones' or more correctly 'light domes' around lamps and wall/ceiling lights.  Quite ignorable though after a short while, though some wall lights also look a bit 'off' since I removed a fix that aligned the lights properly but enhanced the 'dome' effect and I think it looks better this way.
2. Shadows are vastly improved but not quite 'fixed' in the perfect sense.  The shadows are perfect when the convergence is set = 1.  I do not know why.  I provide two convergence presets, one for when C=1, and one for when C<>1.  You should not mess with the C=1 preset, those shadows are perfect and if you don't mind playing a bit flat, it's not too awful.  The other preset uses an approximation for the shadows for all other values of convergence and it does not look bad - the shadows just look a bit 'under the ground' rather than stuck on it.  I finally discovered why this happens, but have not found a solution yet, other than to look for a different shader that might fix the shadows (I fixed a Vertex shader, but there is also a Pixel shader).  The reason the shadows don't work for all convergence is because in the vertex shader, after doing the VPM transform the transformed value for r0.z is ALWAYS =0, and the transformed value for r0.w is ALWAYS =1.  i.e. there is NO DEPTH INFORMATION.  I have never seen this before.
3. HUD - the HUD is different in this game to PayDay1, and the current fix only affects some HUD elements.
4. Shadows from ceiling fans display at screen depth (new feature not in PayDay1) Some of the games 2D rendering is a bit crap and cheap, and nothing to do with stereo 3D or the fix: for example shadows rendering quality visibly changes from 'OK' to 'awful' before your eyes as you get closer to  or further away from them; in game setting disable the 'adaptive lighting', it makes things look dark in odd ways (I think its trying to do some kind of HDR).

1. Extract this zip file to the games exe directory.  In my case this is D:\Steam\steamapps\common\PAYDAY 2 Beta.
2. Play.


  1. Thank you for the fix!

    I am trying to bind the dual convergence to the xbox 360 controller. Done this many times with both Chiri tool and the built in Helix feature.

    Running into a strange issue.

    When I map the key with xpadder or hotkey for the mouse button, it disables the xbox controller in the game? Convergence chages with the hotkey, but the native controller gets disabled.

    This same setup works with most other games, first one I have had an issue with.

    Any ideas?


  2. Hi - I honestly don't know I'm afraid, I've never done it. If no one else responds here, ask on the nvidia forums ( I have seen this question asked before, but because I don't use a controller pad I never took much notice...

  3. Thanks for your hard work! Works fairly well on the retail version. Also, I didn't run across any issues with this getting confused as a cheat (similar to how sweet fx works fine as well).

  4. Works also on the final product. Do you know how I can avoid that the mouse curser jumps from one screen to my second screens after having installed. Is there a possibility to fix the mouse range only to the screen where I am playing? I experienced similuar issues with other fixes like Call of Juarez Gunslinger... this problem is not there without the fix installed. Thanks a lot in advance. mrorange