Friday, September 27, 2013

Defense Grid The Awakening - 3D Vision Fix

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69

- Lights, Fog, Smoke, Explosion haloing

- Presets:
-- "0" and "9" toggles between two convergence settings



Game looks pretty good out the box, but the image doubling/haloing with smoke, fog, fire and pretty much all of the special effects bugged me a lot.  So I fixed it.  Fortunately shadows work perfectly already.   I have not messed with the hud, I don't think it needs it, the crosshair/mouse thingy is already 3D and that's all that is needed in this game - its nice and simple and really quite addictive.

This game runs like a breeze.  Tested on i5-3570 and GTX 770, never dropped below 60FPS ever, at 1080p and max seetings (there are not many config options actually).

1. Unzip this file into the top level game directory (in my case D:\Steam\steamapps\common\DefenseGridTheAwakening).


  1. Wow thank you for this, one of my all-time favorite games that I never played in 3D. I'm reinstalling right now.

    1. Oh man, it's awesome in 3D. Turn convergence up high so that the meteors can fly out of the screen for awhile.

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  3. any chance of a fix for Alien Rage?

  4. DHR has a WIP:

    I don't have the game so no idea how far along the WIP is.

  5. thanks I'll try that out. I am also hoping for someone to look into warframe and rift if that's possible :)

  6. Mike, I previously would fix similar problems by assigning the Prototype profile. Do you fix things beyond that?

  7. Not sure I did not try that, but with the helixmod it removes the need to change profile and adds presets I guess. I'm not a fan of changing profile if it can be avoided, since I think you lose other things like sli profiles and stuff, and also they can overcompensate or mess other things up (like aion profile did for some people playing castlevania). I will say that this fix is the easiest and quickest fix ever - one shader and it took 10 mins, so I posted it up!

    1. Cool. This is actually quite a bit better for me too, because I like to do clean-install on driver updates, and it always kills my changed Inspector profiles.
      This is also super interesting, since your change must be the same thing that the Prototype profile does.
      (maybe it does more too, but at least this) Thanks.

    2. Yes, another reason I don't like changing profiles! :-) (just installed latest drivers today and gone through re importing profiles I exported). I don't fully understand how profiles work, but my understanding is that they set the stereo/mono properties of the different render targets for 3D vision automatic - so no specific shader fix is particularly 'reusable'. There is however a type of shader that is always responsible or this double imaging/haloing, so I am pretty good at fixing them almost by sight nowadays: If a VS (that causes this doubling stuff) has an o0 (position) and at least one texcoord and the variable that gets output to the position variable is either (a) also output to the texcoord or (b) some function of this variable is output to the texcoord, then the solution is always to stereo correct the variable and use that for texcoord output, but leave the position variable unshifted. This make sense because the texcoord then goes off to be used (probably) in some other shader that outputs to a render target that has the 'wrong' stereoize flag. Very occasionally the position needs correcting as well, but that's usually then in conjunction with an associated Pixel Shader fix. Anyway, I am rambling, gonna play the game now :-)

  8. Game looks 3D Vision ready with this fix, and it's a load of fun. Great job!