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I put something together with demo because I really didnt like how little convergence it offered. Was practically 2D with how flat it was. Even though it was convergence locked, the problem was the alternate views would have high convergence if you messed with it so I needed to do seperate settings[automatically] based on scene. Works pretty well besides when ball goes out of bounds. Anywho, if your interested you can check out demo on origin.

It is not recommended to play this online with this method. Doing this will be at your own risk.

Requires Notepad++. Download link
Install Notepad++
Open Notepad++. Open Fifa14.exe with notepad++
Click search - find in file
[There are two]
Replace with nvbpi.dll
This is to bypass the game's convergence lock.

To change default in-game depth/convergence. Click F3 then adjust, save with F7
To change default altenate views depth/convergence. Click F4 then adjust, save with F7
OPTIONAL Click F5 then adjust, save with F7 [Not automatic]
You might have to relaunch game once for new settings to save.

SHADEROVERRIDE [Must turn off origin in-game]

If you want to use the fix with origin in-game or other DX9 hook software download this version and unpack. Launch  "HeliXmodLauncher.exe" and run the game after. If playing demo version open dx9settings.ini and rename fifa14.exe -> fifa14demo.exe

If you like this fix I accept Paypal Donations at EQZITARA@YAHOO.COM or my PATREON.
Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. bought the game just because you did it! thx!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the fix eqzitara and 3D_MIKE. I also purchased the game thanks to you, and this goes to many of the other titles released as well. I truly appreciate what this community does for the 3D Vision scene, keeping it alive. To eqzitara, DHR, Chiri, MikeAR69, HeliX and all the other contributors, thank you so much for everything you do! You guys are the best!! ;-)

  3. I have Windows 7 (DX11) and Nvidia GTX680. What i need to do after editing Fifa14.exe ? I just run the game or i'll copy SHADEROVERRIDE and then i'll run the game ?

  4. Brill! Thanks so much for your hard work, you should have a donation page

  5. bro i cant understand ur steps please can u do it 4 me my email id is plz if u want i will give u my teamviewer id please do it please mate!!!

    1. I can't make instructions easier. Can try this and it "might" work.
      Go to lego marvel patch.
      Download file. Put nvapi file in games directory.
      Install my patch.
      It "might" work. Can ask for help on nvidia forums but I really can't make instructions easier.

  6. hi, i follow your instructions on fifa 14, replace with notepad++ the nvapi.dll with nvbpi.dll and copy the files, but in game, i adjust with F4 or F5 since F3 wont give me correct 3D and hit F7 but then when ball gets out of field, or keeper gets the ball, the 3D becomes bad and had to re-adjust with F4 or F5 Again. I have tried it all, please help.

    1. That is mentioned above.

      If you want one setting for 3D.
      Open your dx9settings.ini

      remove this line

      PresIndex = 8

      You will have one setting now.

  7. how comes you cant play online on it

  8. thx so much, there is anyone who try it online without being banned ?

  9. Hello,

    A big thanks to your team. You are incredible. The game and the fix work online without being banned for me.

    But i have a problem with the preset. I follow the instructions but don t work for me :
    I click F3, i adjust convergence, i click F7 to save, i do the same things for F4 but when i click F3 or F4, i have no change in my 3d.
    Do you have an idea? I m french, perhaps it s a problem with the langage?

    1. Unlikely to be a language problem. If the presets are not working, that suggests that it is not installed correctly, or possibly the game has changed making it no longer work.

      Try to delete the d3d9.dll file while the game is running. You should get an error that it is in use. If not, that means it did not load.

      Can you change the convergence using Ctrl-F5 and F6? I assume you already patched the exe as described above. If this doesn't work, the game probably changed.

      It is also possible to have both F3 and F4 set to the same numbers, if you saved both at the same setting.

      Lastly, you can always try the inject mode version which is described above. That might work better for you.

    2. Thanks for your answer (and sorry for my bad english :) )

      I changed nvapi.dll in nvbpi.dll in my .exe. I can change the convergence using Ctrl-F5 and F6, it s ok for the fix itself. I love it. I check my dx9setting and the two values doesn't change but have not the same value :
      UseSepSettings = true
      SaveSepSettings = true
      Convergence = 0x451fd4c2
      UseSepSettings = true
      SaveSepSettings = true
      Convergence = 0x43dfd6d5
      UseByDef = true

      If i understand if i press F3 then F4 with the values above, my 3d would have to change?

      I ll trying to delete the d3d9.dll in game and i m going to say you. I have the version of the fix with origin in game to play online.
      What is the inject mode version ?

    3. Not sure what happened when you tried to delete d3d39.dll. Did it error out, or allow it? If it allowed it, that means the HelixMod is not being loaded properly.

      The Injection version is the 'this' above:
      If you want to use the fix with origin in-game or other DX9 hook software download this version and unpack. Launch "HeliXmodLauncher.exe" and run the game after. If playing demo version open dx9settings.ini and rename fifa14.exe -> fifa14demo.exe

  10. ok i have this version and there aren't d3d9.dll. It s helixmod.dll. I always launch helixmodlauncher before to run the game. Can y try to delete the helixmod.dll in game?
    I thnik the 3d is ok. I have a little gallery on the nvidia gallery 3dvision :
    It s a pic of fifa 14, name lenyskills, if you want to check.

    1. Oh. No, it cannot be named helixmod.dll, that won't load. It MUST be named d3d9.dll the same as the system version, otherwise it will not be seen to be loaded. Why did you rename it?

    2. I don't remane it. If i download your fix, "altshaderoverride", inside there are :
      and the file shaderoverride

      I didn t rename the DLL

    3. I see. I thought you were trying to use the regular version. For this injecting version, the fact that you could delete the helixmod.dll means that it is not running correctly. If the dll is active, it cannot be deleted.

      When you run the helixmodlauncher, do you leave it open? It must be running the whole time you play. Are you unpacking everything into the game root folder where the fifa14.exe is?

    4. Yes i tested the regular version. Origin (online) doesn't work with d3d9.dll. So the Inject version seems ok. If i want to delete the helixmod.dll, i can't because it used by the helixmodlauncher.exe. (but i can "cut" the helixmod.dll and put the file where i want : the game go on to running).

      Yes my helixmodlauncher is always open when i play fifa. and i unpacking the 3 files (dx9setting.ini, helixmod.dll, helixlauncher.exe) and the folder shaderoverride in my folder : origin Game\fifa 14\Game (where is my fifa14.exe).
      I do the change of the fifa14.exe with notepad++ : i will replace the two nvapi.dll by nvbpi.dll.

      PS : thank you for the time you grant me

    5. OK, that sounds right then. We don't want to cut or move that file. Trying to delete it is just a diagnostic tool to see if HelixMod is running.

      That suggests it is running and active, so I cannot explain why the F keys do not change anything.

    6. Hello bo3b, i think i found something interesting this morning. I tried to configure my farcry 3 with your fix and i had the same problem as fifa14. But i understand why. My game in french and the fix don't work together correctly. I don't know why my game is happening in english and in game the fix worked correctly and the preset worked too. I m happy.

      So to remember, your fix works sometimes on a game in french (i have a lot of exemples) and sometimes if there is any troubles, we must put the game in English or translate the fix :)

      I m going to chose the first option : the game in english. I m nul in traduction of fix ... lol glad to have found a track

    7. Perhaps besause of the overlays :

      fifa14 (problem of preset) ==> origin
      far cry 3 ==> Uplay
      I ll testing RE5 later (same problem with preset) ==> game for windows live

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  12. Hello,

    Someone can help me for this problem of star that appears in 2D above the head in pro player in fifa 14 ? You can see it in the pictures here : (it s the post 513)

    I don t know if i can remove this one but I did not find in the menus.

    Thank you in advance

  13. Once again, thanks a lot for your work!!!