Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lego Marvel Superheroes - 3D Vision Fix

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69

Fixed - Latest is v8
- All the double imaging and haloing
- Shadows
- Lights
- Water


Occasionally it seems that game updates, steam update, or Nvidia driver updates stop the fix from kicking in.  In those cases w workaround is as follows:
Using notepad++:
1. open up the game exe - it will look like gobbledygook, don't worry
2. use the search/find menu and look for "nvapi"
3. replace the occurances of "nvapi_QueryInterface" with "nvbpi_QueryInterface"
4. goto menu and save the file
5. exit notepad++

Outstanding/Known Issues:
To be done:
- Fix hud so its all at same depth
- The targeting reticule is at screen depth, if I can I might see if that can be made dynamic.
- The cut scene before the submarine level renders water incorrectly (haloing).  I have not tracked down the shaders responsible because the game immediately crashes if I try and step through shaders in this particular cut-scene.  I implemented a bulk fix to several 10s of Vertex shaders to address water rendering issues which fixed everything I have seen to date except that one cut-scene...

**UPDATE v8: More water and minor special effect fixes as I found them playing through the game.

**UPDATE v7: Changed unlocker approach to avoid having to edit the game exe, but retaining the ability to use presets and autoconvergence.

**UPDATE v6 - Fixed more shadows; water; disabled some spotlights; changed unlocker approach to re-enable hot keys and autoconvergence
**UPDATE v5 - convergence unlocker added after devs actually fixed the game :-).
**UPDATE v4 - fixed indoor shadows; water.
**UPDATE v3 - implemented eqzitara's dynamic convergence settings.
**UPDATE v2 - fixed more outdoor shadows in opening sequence and cut scenes

1. Extract this zip file to the games exe directory.  In my case this is D:\Steam\steamapps\common\LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
2. Run the game.
3. Previous version just in case my bulk fix for water shaders messes anything up: this zip


  1. Link is still version 3

  2. Updated to v6 to change the way the unlocker works. Also fixed some more shadows and lights.

  3. I can't see nvapi with notepad++, i see "null"null"null" everywhere, if somebody can upload the edited exe it would be nice. thx

    1. Go to top bar click search.
      Type nvapi

      It will find it.

    2. Doen'st work someone can upload the exe ? it don't work when i edit the file, it find nothing, there is only weird symbols in the files

    3. We can't upload the exe, that's illegal. You need to use the Search/Replace functionality in notepad++, there is no way you will "se" nvapi.dll. Open the exe and press Ctrl-H to bring up the dialog, type in nvapi.dll in the top box and nvbpi.dll in the bottom box, then click 'replace all' (make sure the checkbox 'match whole word only' is UNCHECKED), then press 'Save' - not save as, or anything else, just 'Save'. If it does not work, then I guess it's just not going to work. See my other comment below.

  4. Whenever I try and replace nvapi.dll, I get an error message saying the file is too big for notepad++

  5. I am going to upload an alternative unlocker that does not require exe editing, but there will not be any convergence presets. Hopefully I can do that tonight (US time)

  6. Yeah, Long_johnson is right. I'm not finding nvapi.dll in NotePad++ either. It just looks like a hot mess. Here's a screen-shot:


      Download this file [its not a crack]
      Its a exe that was modified for unlockables. It uses the 1.00 version.

    2. OH WAIT.
      Are you guys using legit copies of game? The lines arent there for version 1.00's. So if you are using a cracked game then you don't have to.

    3. Just install the fix and play if so. This was only an issue with an UPDATED copy of game.

  7. Okay, after copying over the initial files, everything looks great, but here are the problems I'm still having:

    The alternate character only converges properly when on the same plane as the character you're controlling. The alternate character goes further in and out of convergence as they're situated closer or further from the viewpoint.

    Some cars `snap' out of convergence once they get close enough. (Notice the red car in the mid-background in the following 2 images...)

    The icons on the map are extremely skewed and torn. This alternates with all of the icons as you `mouse-over' the map.

    This happens whether I use the unlocker or not, but I believe I'm just using version 1.00 of the game...

    1. Hi - Many thanks for this feedback. This is some strange behaviour I have not seen before (the imaging of the cars and the character). It looks like the culprit might be the road surface. Do you see this everywhere or just here? I have played many levels of the game now and not seen this, but I will try and reproduce it.

      The icons are a known problem (this is my comment in the notes saying "Fix hud so it's all at the same depth). I have been trying to fix it but have only managed some elements - the worst offenders (the faces and circles) don't seem to fix properly (whereas the hearts and map fix perfectly fine). Also some hud elements (including those on the map) are also linked to gameplay objects so fixing them in the hud messes up some (albeit minor) elements of the gameworld. I have not had time to really sit down and go through this systematically, it will be a big job. For now, all icons and hud elements align and do not get corrupted if convergence is set = 1, which is one of the presets I provided (I think).

      I'll report back if I work this out.

    2. OK - just went to the place where you took your screenshots (how luck was I to find that?!) and I am not seeing the issue in your images. I tried all different values or convergence from very low (pushed right into sceen) to very high (popping right out of the scree) and observed cars and my alternate character and did not get the effect in your images. I also still have the original version and I don't see that effect with that either. Finally, I tested split screen and don't get the effect... So it's a puzzle, and I am not sure what to suggest. Do you definitely have the v6 installed (and deleted all earlier versions first)? If you could provide information on your settings (everything in game, and also those in Nvidia control panel) that might help me reproduce it.

      I did notice that the character hud icons did not go all crazy and skewed (they used to) so not sure what's going on there, but the map is doing what it always did when convergence is not =1. I also noticed that the autoconvergence change was not always kicking in so I had to manually change presets using F4 and F5 keys.

  8. For some reason i cant change the convergence. Its way to high and if i lower it, all the happens is the shadows will move, but everything else will stay the same. If i hold it down long enough the screen with actually begin to turn white. Its really odd. Any ideas?

    1. Hi - That is the default unfixed behavior, so it seems like the fix is not kicking in, or is not installed correctly. Can you provide a couple of extra details? What driver are you running?

  9. Hi, I just tried this with the 340.43 drivers and it's totally messed up. I checked to make sure the fix was in the right directory. It looked like the convergence was way too high. GTX690 win 8

    1. Install Notepad++
      Open Notepad++. Open the .exe with notepad++
      Click search - find in file
      Replace with nvbpi.dll

  10. Hey Mike,

    When playing co-op, the cameras for each player like to flip out and not focus correctly on the characters as they should. Seems to happen in both dynamic and vertical split screen modes. It happens without the fix too, I don't know if there's any way to fix something like this though. Any thoughts?

    1. Hey, did anyone see this?

    2. Hi - I have seen it, it happens in all the games, and I don't think anything can be done. I suspect its a final Viewport transformation that is going wrong, but that's out of bounds for these fixes.

  11. That's a shame, I'm sure I've seen others talking about playing this in coop. I played Lego LOTR coop without issue, I guess this one just does different things with the camera. Well thanks for the fix regardless, maybe I'll do some of the open world stuff solo in 3D, and play the campaign in 2D coop. :)

  12. Thankyou so much for all these wonderful fixes.
    I could not get this to work properly until i turned off motion blur as well as bloom, now everything works perfectly. Just in case anyone else is having the same issues.