Saturday, October 19, 2013

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes
Script fix by Helix
[There are some effects still not fixed]

I put this on Nvidia forums a couple of months ago and had second thoughts since it looks like they are still updating it and it seemed unfair to people who don't frequent the forums and missed it. TBH, I am not a huge fan of game but I was wrong about its longevity and it seems to be doing all right.

Before downloading...
-Read Warning->
-Please do not contact developer about use of mod.[Its not a hack but they will prob treat it as such]

Go to.. C:\Users\....\Documents\my games\Marvel Heroes\MarvelGame\Config\MarvelEngine.ini

Recommended settings
-Find desired depth setting. Increase convergence till your character appears 2D with 3D glasses off.

Install to..
\steam\steamapps\common\Marvel Heroes\UnrealEngine3\Binaries\Win32\


  1. You should try the game again! It's changed (and improved) hugely in the last few months.

  2. The game has definitely improved tenfold in the last few months. I have started playing around with it and this fix is great. However I get extremely bad performance and stuttering when I use it. I have worked out it is the shader override thats doing it as I dont have the same issue with the fix removed and in 3d vision.

    Anyone else seeing this problem? The game is running smooth as silk, including in 3d (with the expected issues without the fix), as soon as I apply the fix I get horrible stuttering. :(

    1. I figure it probably also could have something to do with the version of the Dx9.dll?

  3. With the new 64 bit client you can use the same files as the 32 bit fix, putting it in the binaries\win64\ directory and replacing the d3d9.dll file with the 64 bit one from the only problem I could see was with the Jean Grey/Phoenix flame effect, same as the 32 bit one.