Sunday, November 10, 2013

WRC 4 FIA World Rally Championship

[Hahaha I am so bad at racing games... and laggy with fraps so I added epic music to make it more hilarious]

 Fixed: Shadows, hud, effects In-car views

Automatic separate settings for default/in-car views
To change default views depth/convergence. Click F3 then adjust, save with F7
To change in-car view depth/convergence. Click F4 then adjust, save with F7
You must restart game once for new settings to apply.

I saw a video by petokaske @ 3dvisionfr on 3d visionlive and it didn't look to hard to fix so I did.

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  1. cheers mate , will give it a go...

  2. Can't wait for Carmageddon: Reincarnation. That will be rad in 3D. The original was and is the only racing game for me; I simply refuse to buy any other. There really ought to be more Death Race 2000/Mad Max destruction derby style games. It should be its own genre and it should be directed by Mel Gibson and David Carradine. I'd back that Kickstarter ;-).

  3. lololololol cant even drive lolololololololo

  4. Thanks, the game looks much better now. However, the shadow under the car still has some "ghosting" effect when viewed from certain angles. Could this be improved with further investigation, or was it just impossible to get rid of? The other problem is the "warping" effect in cockpit view when water hits the windscreen, it makes it impossible to drive in the rain in Wales.
    I would love for this game to be as close to 3d Ready as possible, any further development on this mod would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I know of the shadow/angle issue.

      I don't know of the rain in wales. I just went into wales and had water hit hit windshield in cockpit view and it is depth accurate.

    2. Higher convergence makes it easier to see it, especially in the cockpit view close to the windshield. The upper part of tall objects like trees and lightpoles appear closer than the lower part.

  5. Cool! Nice game, but did anyone ever try playing fantasy wrc? Theres on at , since the grow of fantasy is increasing here, why dont you guys play it as well.

  6. This game and 3d effect feels incredible with some herbal enhancments ;)