Friday, December 27, 2013

Check vs Mate / Battle vs Chess - 3D Vision Fix

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69

- Fog
- Smoke
- Light halos
- Presets to toggle hud depth ("0"), toggle hud on and off ("9").  The "0" preset is not 'fixed' depth, but still adjusts with convergence, so it maintains a constant depth relative to the chess board.

- The mouse cursor is still at screen depth.  However, everything in game gets highlighted so there is no issue selecting stuff.


Game looks pretty good out the box, but after a few minutes its clear that a few things are not quite right, with some haloing, and slightly different left-right eye views.  I address these.
The game itself is a chess game, but with several other modes of play that attempt to make it more fun, whereby your chess pieces battle for a square in little mini-fights, either QTE based or manual fight based.  I don't like either of them, and play chess in "skirmish" mode.  The chess pieces are all fully animated characters, but you can also show traditional style pieces (by pressing TAB) or have a top down view with the 2D piece representation (by pressing F).

I provide a few keys to deal with the hud:
- Key "0": cycles between two depths.  The first depth has the hud at the same depth as the front of the chess board when zoomed in (using wheel mouse).  This also adjusts correctly as you change convergence.  The second depth is set to be at about the same level as your character when you are in the "battle mode" games, and this ensures that health markers are approximately in the correct place over the pieces.
- Key "9": toggles the HUD on and off.  Be aware that I do not anything sophisticated with texture selection, so if the screen goes "white" at any point (for example exiting a game), press "9" again to show the hud
- Key "ESC": to counter the above issue, if "ESC" is pressed this always toggles the hud back on.  So if in doubt why nothing is on the screen anymore, press "ESC".

1. Extract this zip file to the games exe directory.  In my case this is D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Check vs Mate
2. Run the game.


  1. Hey mike_ar69,

    thanks for the fix :)

    I found a slight issue with the fix for my build with fog/godlights:

    I could identify following shaders to be responsible:

    PixelShader: BBA41CE6
    VertexShader: BB62E335

    Since I am a complete 3D Vision Fixing newbie I was only able to disable the effect causing the issue... maybe you can fix it or tell me why it is appearing on my build...


  2. Hi, I fixed the pixel shader you identified. I did not see this fog effect before, and to be honest did not see it this time either, but I saw your picture on Visionlive so saw the issue. I guess I needed to hang around a bit longer for the fog to swirl in... Let me know if it still has issues.

  3. Your updated file is working... though it seems to rather "disable/remove" the effect instead of "fixing" it...

    1. Hi - no I don't disable it. As I noted above, I did not see the fog myself either. I guess the game probably randomly introduces fog.

  4. Big thx for the fix Mike;)) Playing the game now with my wife;)) Really awesome!