Friday, January 17, 2014

FEAR 2 - Project Origin

FEAR 2 - Project Origin

Fixed: Various effects, hud, etc
Removed: Crosshairs/minor hud elements
Issues Remaining: Background buildings[skybox] at wrong depth/Some minor hud elements removed

Required Settings:
Turn OFF Gunsight Toggle in options
Turn OFF Motion blur

If 3d vision doesn't save your depth/convergence settings. Press F4 adjust settings. Save with F7. Settings will save to F4.

Install to../FEAR2/

[Tested on Steam version. Latest Update]
If you like this fix I accept Paypal Donations at EQZITARA@YAHOO.COM or my PATREON.
Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. Thanks so much for this.

  2. good job!! thank u so much

  3. awesome!
    any chance of a fix for fear3?

  4. This gives me a BSOD every goddamn time. Windows 8.1

    this is my enginemsg.txt:
    GENERIC_ERROR = "Internal FEAR2.exe error: %1!d!."
    MISSINGWORLDMODEL = "Missing WorldModel: %1!s!."
    CANTLOADGAMERESOURCES = "Can't load game resources in %1!s!."
    CANTINITIALIZEINPUT = "Can't initialize DirectInput."
    UNABLETORESTOREVIDEO = "Unable to restore video mode."
    USERCANCELED = "User canceled."
    INVALIDWORLDFILE = "%1!s! is an invalid world file."
    MISSINGMODELFILE = "Missing model file %1!s!."
    INVALIDMODELFILE = "%1!s! is an invalid model file."
    MISSINGSPRITEFILE = "Missing sprite file %1!s!."
    INVALIDSPRITEFILE = "%1!s! is an invalid sprite file."
    NOGAMERESOURCES = "No game resources specified."
    MISSINGWORLDFILE = "Missing world file %1!s!."
    CANTRESTOREOBJECT = "Unable to restore object (class %1!s!)."
    SERVERERROR = "Server error: %1!s!."
    INVALIDOBJECTDLLVERSION = "Object DLL %1!s! is an invalid version (%2!d!). Current version is %3!d!."
    INVALIDSHELLDLL = "Invalid shell DLL %1!s!."
    INVALIDSHELLDLLVERSION = "Invalid shell DLL version for %1!s!. DLL version is %2!d!, current version is %3!d!."
    MISSINGSHELLDLL = "Missing shell DLL %1!s!."
    CANTCREATECLIENTSHELL = "Can't create client shell."
    UNABLETOINITSOUND = "Unable to initialize sound system."
    INVALIDSERVERPACKET = "Got an invalid server packet."
    MISSINGCLASS = "Missing class: %1!s!."
    ERRORINITTINGNETDRIVER = "Unable to initialize network driver %1!s!."
    INVALIDNETVERSION = "Network protocol version mismatch - your version: %1!d!, server's version: %2!d!."
    CANTCREATESERVERSHELL = "Unable to create server shell."
    ERRORLOADINGRENDERDLL = "Error loading render DLL %1!s!."
    ERRORCOPYINGFILE = "Error copying file %1!s!."
    SAFEMODETITLE = "Safe Mode"
    ENTERSAFEMODEPROMPT = "Are you sure you want to enter Safe Mode?"
    STEAMNOTINITIALIZED = "Steam failed to initialize. Please make sure your Steam installation is valid."

    1. fixed it. had to get an injector.

    2. I get crash on startup and similar error log, albeit on win 7.
      What did you do to get it runing?

    3. I use now d3d9.dll from Darkness II. It works now for me. With the d3d9.dll from here it always crashed at startup no matter what i try.

    4. ...but unfortunately key for convergence/depth setting does not work :(

    5. read this..

    6. yup, that was the culprit.


  5. Works great many thanks, please make a fix for fear3

  6. Has anyone found that the right shift key, while pressed, alters the convergence setting for this fix? Was this supposed to be set for right mouse click?

    1. right shift key is default key.

      If you want it to be right mouse open your dx9settings.ini

      Key = 16


      Key = 501

  7. Excellent! Much appreciated. I've gotta say, I've been utilizing your fixes since I decided to go 3D with my setup. You and Helix are the reason it was worth it! Keep up the great work!

  8. Thanks, eqzitara/Helixmod.

    After using your fixes for Skyrim and Mass Effect 3, this is the first place I came when I decided to play F.E.A.R. 2. When I saw the date this post was made I was glad I didn't decide to play it before this year.

    Your work is greatly appreciated.

  9. First of all - HUGE THANK YOU. I love FEAR games, they're so much special.

    Is it possible to create same for FEAR 3?

  10. Getting a new crash on launch I hadn't seen before. Only happens when helix d3d9.dll is enabled here. Without the dll it runs correctly in 3D (but bad shaders).

    Can't seem to narrow it down to anything.
    Tried latest driver, as well as 320.49.
    Tried disabling 3D, but still crashes at launch if d3d9.dll is there.
    Tried debug dll, and red text shows briefly before crash, log looks normal. Except for an error on one shader, that doesn't compile, but disabling that shader did not fix the crash.

    Any ideas?

    1. Forgot to mention that I already disabled all the overlays, for Steam, and not running other injectors.

    2. delete shaderoverride
      if it doesnt load its a conflict

    3. Definitely was a conflict, after many many experiments, I finally found some evidence that the Steam overlay was being loaded (but not drawn), even though I specifically disabled it. Used Process Monitor to see that.

      After cleanly reinstalling Steam, it now works again.

    4. ah, its good you figured it out. Have fun.

  11. Hello, this mod works fine for me, but i just want to remove the crosshair. Do you know how i can to do that ? (sorry for my bad english)

    1. The mod should remove the crosshair already. That suggests that the installation of the mod is not working. Try to delete the d3d9.dll file while the game is running- it should be active and therefore locked. That will prove whether the mod is running.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. thank you, but i want to remove only the crosshair. You know how i can do that ?

    1. Looks like 13295BE7.txt is the crosshair file. Remove all the other shader files from the pixelshaders and vertexshaders folders that are part of the mod. That will leave only the crosshair disabling shader of 13295BE7.txt. You might need to play around with 3D settings, as I'm not sure if HelixMod will load if 3D is turned off. For sure this will work if you have 3D enabled in the control panel, but 3D off while playing the game (ctrl-t).

      That's all I've got for you, you'll need to experiment.

  13. Please make a fix for fear 3 if possible.

  14. Okay, lovin it so far. One thing. I see from a previous comment that certain .txt will control certain object on screen/on the hud. Other than experimentation is there any way to know what files do what? I'd like to get back the 'fire selector' icon/object back. Not the ammo counter, just the fire selector.

    1. A couple of the vertex shaders are tagged with HUD A and HUD B in their comments. Start with those. If that doesn't work, use a binary search by removing half of the shaders at once.