Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Totalwar Shogun 2 [DX9]

Fix mike_ar69 & kankgeforce99

First Version
 andysonofbob - special thank to him for its first version and for testing this one.

- Shadows - special thank to mike_ar69 for his help with. His indications fix them almost totally
- Lights ( Partially )
- Fog
- Smoke
- Fire
- Sun / Moon Flares
- HUD at a little depth 
- Selection Marks
- Sea Splash ( nights battles ) 

 This is a fix for the DirectX9 version of the game only.


- The mouse cursor is still at screen depth.  
- The game have shadows low, med, high, ultra and soft-shadows.  In Campaign map soft-shadows are not totally fixexs, but are good in ultra 
- Selection Mark ara good for the soldiers and horses, but i have found  problems with the the same shaders in the battles. i decided in this version fix them only in the soldier, with the ship battles, them would must be disabled for now.
- Lights are not totally fixed. but now there are not major anomalies with burning fire and blooms effects.
- Halos are only partially fixed.
- Menu Windows Ship, ( it is only a screen in the menu, i would try fix it in the next version )
- Different depth levels for the HUD ( in the next version )
- Minor halos problems.
- Compas in the Ships battle, i tried it but affet to to the ships. i will try later again


Original version of the game it is not good in 3d, many artifacts and anomalies about all compare with napoleon, medieval or empire. Now it is a little better :)
- This fix it is not totally finished, This it is my first partial fix with the special help of mike_arg69, i hope i or he can fix the remaining problems in the nexts versions. But the game now it is more playable that the original version in 3d i think, and if someone want to test it, welcome for the help.

1. Extract  this  unrar this  file to the games exe directory.  In my case this is D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Shogun II
2. Run the game.

Special Thanks to Mike, Andy, Eqzitara, Bob, ..... and Helix of course.


  1. Thx for the fix. :) is very fine.

    I have a question,
    Assasins creed black flag have a little Shadow Problem in 3d vision.
    Is from this game a fix in Progress, now or in the future?
    That would be nice. :)

    Best regards from Germany

    1. That's a DX11 game. So no fix in progress yet until a DX11 wrapper is available.

    2. Thx for the Info Mike.
      And when is the release of the wrapper, is this in the work?

      Thank you very much for the answer and sorry for the offtopic in this thread.

      Best regards

    3. Hi - I've no idea when the wrapper will be available. Helix is working on it, so it's his timeline.

  2. What a début!
    You defo need to turn of soft shadows on the campaign map. Once you do... I nearly wept when I saw how good this game now looks in 3D.
    Stunning piece of work.

  3. Hey thanks for all your guys hard work, I get a lot more enjoyment from my 3dvision thanks to you guys.

    Any chance you guys could do Rome 2 Total War? The units look so awesome, and actually everything in the game is good enough to live with except one thing.

    The ground textures are awful they seem to swim before your eyes especially when you zoom in or out or move around the map. It is actually nauseating.

    Also do you guys should put up a pay-pal donation, I know I would would love to donate to you guys for all you do for the 3d community, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I would even be willing to donate extra towards paying for a CD key for Rome if you guys needed it.

    I know Rome is a bit off topic, but this seems to be the best place to ask.


    1. There is already a Rome 2 fix on this blog


  4. Wow thanks, I coulda swore it wasn't on the games list when I wrote that, but it is now so nice. Appreciate it.

  5. Just purchased this on sale because of this fix otherwise I would've passed. Have to tell you that this fix is great! Enjoying it immensely.