Thursday, February 6, 2014

Assassin's Creed 2007 Fix [DX9]

Assassin's Creed 2007 Fix [DX9]
By: Neovad

Fixed: Skybox, GUI
Known Issues: In resolutions below 1920x1080 shadows from player and NPC's correct only with 1 static value of convergence. In 1920x1080 all OK with above mentioned shadows in different convergence levels. In new beta drivers 334.67 Nvidia in global profile set 4Ñ
Recommended Settings: Nvidia in global profile set 4x FXAA antialiasing. So I suggest to disable this and use SweetFX mod instead. My 560GT gives very low FPS because of this default heavy antialiasing

Install to /Main install folder/


  1. Nice one :-) I don't have the game, but I am delighted to see you contributing to these fixes! Thank you!

  2. Yeah Thanks for the fix. Glad to see more people involved in 3D vision fix.

  3. Strange things with helix dll. In second game scene when assassin first time take horse was full corruption of ground layer. But even when I took source vertex shader C5740E8A without any my changes I did not solve this problem. May be helix dll has made wrong dump of this shader or mistake in overriding process? Listing of source vertex shader:
    def c4, 3.81481368e-006, 1, 16, 0
    dcl_position v0
    dcl_texcoord v1
    dcl_position o0
    dcl_texcoord o1
    mul r0.x, c4.x, v0.w
    mul, r0_abs.x, v0
    mov r0.w, c4.y
    dp4 o0.x, r0, c0
    dp4 o0.y, r0, c1
    dp4 o0.z, r0, c2
    dp4 o0.w, r0, c3
    mul o1, c4.zzww, v1.xyxx

    1. I've tried all available reliase helix dll - same result. And all debug dll gave identical shader dump

    2. This kind of thing can happen sometimes. One solution to try is to change the default stereo sampler to s1 s2 or s3 (DefVSSampler=258,259,260) and to change it in all fixed shaders.

    3. Thanks a lot - it works! Here the newest version of fix - I'll refresh it if I find out and fix another issues

    4. Great! pm eqzitara so the link in the main article gets updated :-)

  4. Fix updated. map fixed. I tried to fix NPC's shaders. I fixed them but it seems to me that one shader execute couple times in diferent treads - small part of shadows of same shader not fixed but when disabling (overriding it by text file) both parts of this shader dissapears. But when disabling it through debug dll I have to disable 2 parts of same shader (VertexShader_576_CRC32_ 5825652.txt and VertexShader_671_CRC32_ 5825652). I tried to create twin file 05825652.txt.1 and 05825652.txt.2 - but this do not make any result

  5. Thanks guys works great, glad I can finally start this series from the first game to get used to the controller. For 360 couch gamers like me, found this fix for the game.

    I appreciate it,

  6. Awesome to see you making a fix. Thanks.

    Of note, when I installed the fix, I was getting crashes at launch, until I turned off the Steam Overlay. In case that might help someone else.

    Also of note, when I install the fix, I'm still getting the sky being too close, and in particular the clouds seem closer than sky. (Using 2/8 update from eqzitara) Not using SweetFX cuz of SLI580. Everything maxed. Older driver 320.49. Any ideas?

    1. BTW, my problem was that AC launches as DX10 from Steam version. You need to run DX9 version directly to get Helix mod.
      Bit of a trade-off. In DX10 mode, shadows are correct for small screens like projectors, but sky is wrong. I tried using DX10 profile for DX9 launch, but it didn't fix shadows.

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  8. Ok I'm confused, so what do I need to do in order to have correct looking shadows for 1280x720 @ 60 Hz? Playing at 1920x1080 @ 24 Hz is like watching a slide show and that's my only other option for 3D on my tv. Also, I have the 334.67 drivers, but what the heck is "4N"?

  9. So I installed it, but everything is flat, unless I move the camera. What's up with that?