Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Fixed by Eqzitara/Helix
Eqzitara- Shadows/lensflares/etc
Helix's script- Ghosting effects 

Press F3 to toggle ON/OFF Lensflares. They aren't broken but look off at excessive convergence settings which I find these games look best at.

Install to ..\NaissanceE\Binaries\Win32\

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Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. Thank you for the fix. This game is awesome.

  2. The heights and scale of the world is immense! Not for the weak-hearted. Very good game, platforming similar to Mirror's Edge.
    This game produces crosstalk even on my dlp projector (DLP link glasses). Any noticeable ghosting using 3D Vision kit glasses in this game?

    1. I played for maybe 45 mins so I am not a fair judge but I do know there was a tiny bit in those extreme situations but I am playing on a smaller then average screen [75" screen @ 70" depth hack.]
      I had none during Mirrors Edge though. It doesnt really use black/whites. High contrast but not as much as that.

  3. It won't work propely, the 3dvision is here, but not the DOF, like no 3D for the volume inside the game, just the screen flat.

    1. If you are using a projector/tv download 3d tv play.

    2. No Acer pc 3dvision screen!

      I see the game with the 3dvision, but exactly like game not compatible with 3dvision, just the game more inside my screen!
      I am in the first big room with the city to test the 3dvision, so the deph must be to it's best.

  4. I copie the file (you provide) into the game folter, that is all?!
    and disable steam in game!

    1. No offence but I can't really understand.

      Do you know what convergence is?
      You need convergence otherwise game is flat.
      nvidia control panel->set up stereoscopic 3d->set keyboard shortcuts->advanced
      will see something called convergence. Hold the increase key up to 30 secs and you will see game become "more 3d"
      See pictures here explaining convergence

    2. Ok, I change the convergence, but still there is no volume far and close to me; I'll show you:


    3. Thank's for the shortcut convergence, I didn't know that before!

    4. Do you mean your not getting much depth? You can increase that too if you havent before. Same place.

      If its something else I really couldnt say besides recommending reinstall nvidia driver. Wierd stuff happens sometimes with installs and only occurs in some games.

  5. Yes, no deph at all, nothing like any other game with your modification (like Dead space2, amazing!)
    I'll try to reinstall hte driver