Monday, March 31, 2014

PETITION: NVIDIA Driver later then 333.21 causes crashing in several Helixmod games. PLEASE SIGN

As of 334 series NVIDIA released "increased 3D support" in several games
This is a method called depth buffer not normal 3D[geometry] which we see in "normal 3d games".  People generally refer to it as "fake 3D." We use depth buffer to fix things in certain games like crosshairs/etc. However, as of 334 series some games that we have this feature implemented in now crash. This problem not only breaks several older games but PREVENTS further implementation not to mention will prevent future cards from working with these games. Please sign this thread HERE to let NVIDIA know we need this issue resolved.

Games that can be effected include
DmC - Devil May Cry[Confirmed]
Mass Effect 2[Confirmed]
Aliens Colonial Marines.[Unconfirmed]

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