Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator
By: Helix / Eqzitara
Fixed: Shadows, Effects, etc
Optional: Press F3 to change Hud Depth

Required: Go to..C:\Users\...\Documents\my games\GoatSim\GoatGame\Config\GoatEngine.ini

Install to  ..\Goat Simulator\Binaries\Win32\

If you like this fix I accept Paypal Donations at EQZITARA@YAHOO.COM or my PATREON.
Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. I know that this isnt the right place to make a petition, but Helix/Eqzitara can you take a look to the game Insurgency?

    It uses the source engine, all effects renders correctly, except gun position that is really close to pov and make it impossible to play with correct conmvergence. I know that you fixed Black Mesa´s gun position too (and effects, shaders....), i tried that fix but it doesnt work with Insurgency. Source console commands to replace/hide gun doesnt work too. Please consider to take a look at it, should be easy to fix :)

    Thanks for your attention.

    1. Well black mesa was special because gun was too far away.

      Your saying its too close. Thats easy to fix. Increase your in game FOV.

    2. Hi eqzitara, i tried to increase FOV but it didnt worked, only affects to the distance that game world is displayed, gun position remains the same. Game reacts to Black Mesa´s fix btw, it locks convergence but the gun keeps in place...

      Im not at home now, but later i will post some screenshots to share with you how it looks like, believe me besides gun problems this game can be a killer in 3D.

      Again eqzitara, thanks for your work and you attention.

    3. TBH, I have no idea what you want. Your saying gun is too "high convergence - compared to world". Increasing FOV will fix that.
      If gun is convergence locked you can reduce world to be less then gun.
      Are we talking about gun sights?
      Cause thats easy to fix. Play with FOV till it matches what you want out of gunsights
      then go here

    4. Hi again eqzitara :)

      I wasnt talking about gunsights, it occurs without "aiming". Yeah decreasing fov helps a bit, but it still far from ideal image. Here are a few screenshots to show you whats happens, you can see how gun looks with a normal convergence setting:

      Screenshot without gun:


      Screenshot with gun:


      You can see how gun looks, i have to lower convergence tooooo much to get some decent gun view...

      Extra screenshots:


      Hope this helps, this game looks amazing in 3D.

      Thanks eqzitara for your help, and excuse my bad english, im spanish :)

    5. sorry first link was broke


    6. You want to play at very high convergence but you want gun to appear like normal. It doesnt work that way as you see from the black mesa fix. It makes the hands/gun seem weird in comparison to world.
      Your asking me to fix something that an't broken tbh. There is no first person shooter that would allow you to play at high convergence without hands/guns appearing off
      There is no solution besides removing hands/guns. I really can't spend time doing this because it would only benefit one person. Most of us are used to playing at low convergence when it comes to first person games. Very few people would even want to play like this as well. You can look for a depth hack if the game isn't 3d enough but thats only solution I can offer.

    7. I thought about it some more and IF black mesa fix works with the game. TBH, I doubt it works well or at least with all the guns anywho..
      It should be possible for me to disable gun/hands.
      goto shaderoverride/vertexshaders/F5BB7939.txt
      def c254, 0, 100, 0.0625, 0
      def c254, 0, 9999, 0.0625, 0

    8. That was the first thing i tried when i tried Black Mesa´s FIX and it didnt worked :( Gun remains in place and changes global convergence, not only gun. I tried source console commands to change position/hide gunmodel and it didnt worked neither...

      I dont think im playing with a extreme convergence, i play a lot of shooters with this convergence level, (walking in front a wall and push it to screen depth) and the only problem that appeared are gunsights when aiming. I like to have camera point at screen depth. I use depth hack too at 150% depth, but i deactivate it to allow me to take the screenshots. I think i will ask game developers to enable gun positioning, since its a thing that most source games can do.

      BTW i understand your position and i really apreciatte your attention helping people, bye my friend :)

    9. Do what I said above. It will disable guns.

    10. Didn´t worked :(

      Convergence changes when i press "," but gun appears and keeps in normal place.

  2. I don't think the Fallout new vegas fix is working I installed the way I did a month ago but this time it did not work. It wont even rgister.

    1. It cant "stop working". There hasn't been an update in many years.

    2. if using 337.50 driver try an older one. Havent had time to try it yet.

  3. I checked that video out, wow this game looks utterly ridiculous enough to actually be fun ... I can't wait to pick it up on sale or in a bundle.

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  5. I didn't think that this game could be amazing in 3D. I was wrong, this game is a very good surprise. With both 3D and local multiplayer, I think I'm gonna have fun. THank You