Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Splinter Cell Conviction - 3D Vision Fix

3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69

- Haloing/FOG/Smoke/Fire
- Shadows
- Lighting and various flickering issues
- Torches etc
- Put HUD at depth
- 2 Presets for convergence ("0" ).

Known Issues:
- Some parts of the Menu does display incorrectly
- The "Mission" image that's get projected onto stuff when you press "TAB" is at to high a depth
- Some issues with water refraction
- AO and some self shadows are a bit off
- Play the game with Environmental Detail on "Medium" - the game suffers (even without this fix) in 3D from lights turning on an off when the depth/convergence is high (actually not that high).  The game is still playable, it's just annoying seeing lights turn on and off depending on the angle of view etc.

Out the box I think this game looks terrible in 3D, shadows are all wrong, there is double imaging and lights are wrong in many places.  With the fix I rate it as "Good".  There are issues remaining, but these do not make the game unplayable.  The fix has been gathering dust for 3 months so I thought I would put it out there.  I have not played much of the game, so there may be many more issues, if so I might pick it up again.

1. Download this file:
2. Unzip into the following directory:
D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction\src\system
or whatever your Steam installation location is
3. Run the game

This patch was tested on Steam version.
Patch REQUIRES game to be updated to latest update - 1.04


  1. As I note above, I fixed this game back in January but not get the hud finished, so it's sat around all this time. It's not perfect, but definitely playable and miles better than without the fix. My residual concern is that a whole new batch of shaders get dumped in new levels, because I have not played much of the game yet. If they do, I can perhaps get a shader dump from someone.

  2. HI.
    I have a bad issue with this fix...
    some parts of the grafic menĂº are not visibles with it, and some marks in game , as the ones to make quick shoot on top of the enemys
    by the way , shadows are awfull , i agree, also with the fix, ...
    I hope this feedback do not disturb, but still unplayable to mee, thanks anyway, and sorry for my bad english.

    1. Hi - thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure about the quick shoot markers, they seemed OK to me, but there should be no menu parts "missing", I don't do anything for that to happen. However if you think the shadows are 'awful' something is not right - they are massively improved over the stock game. This may be a case of the game dumping new shaders in each new level - what level are you in? Can you start a new 'test' game and see how it looks with that? Can you provide a screenshot? I'll put a few up myself to show what I am seeing, then I can work out what to do about this. Thanks again.

    2. II was trying to make screenshoots... but don´t know how.. can´t use Nvidia´s shadowplay , and the keyboards screenshoot key makes a black capture...
      the chapter is first one... because ive lost mi saves time ago...
      The issues whith menus, are vertical sync, for example, imposible to know if is active or not, and many options like that.
      In game i have not croshair and the triangle over the head of enemys when yo select them to make a quick kill, for example..
      The shadows looks like another two black sams Fisher coming with me among the stage by mi side...

    3. The issues in menus was my fault...
      i override the old fix with this new one, and override the pixelshaders and vertexshaders...
      Today ive clean the complete fix and install yours in clean game... now it´s ok
      no problems in menus.. and the mark to kill enemys is perfectly on top of them...
      The issues woth shadows... still there... shadows not fixed, everybodie in the game are three persons

    4. This patch requires Legit copy / game updated to latest update.

      Any other version other then latest will cause patch to not work

      Updated post with information.

    5. @gameriam - I did not know there was an old fix actually, I should probably check that out and see who did it.

      @eqzitara - thanks for identifying the versioning issue. I should make clear what version I developed and tested on, I always forget to do that.

    6. Ahh - found the old fix, from eqzitara! Sorry eqzitara, I did not even check if there was one.

      Interesting reading the comments there though - performance in this game is truly shocking in places, and I have 2x770s. 15-20 FPS in some scenes when I "look in a certain direction" kind of things.

    7. "Ahh - found the old fix, from eqzitara! Sorry eqzitara, I did not even check if there was one."

      His was not the only old fix. I posted one, too, that fixed several more issues with the game. But I now realize that my post was deleted from the blog without telling me. That was highly inconsiderate of the work I put in to making not only the fix, but the post itself. I put considerable effort into creating all of my fix posts; they are more than a few bullet points.

      I've had a fix deleted from the blog before, but eqzitara told me about his improved version beforehand and the page still exists. Since I'm a novice at making fixes, it's very likely that more experienced modder can easily make better fixes for games that I've already worked on. This Splinter Cell: Conviction fix is definitely far superior to the one I made.

      But deleting my work without notification is rude and outrageous. Eqzitara has multiple ways of contacting me. The next time someone makes a better fix for a game I've worked on, please take 30 seconds to let me know about it.

    8. Eincrou - I can assure you that I did not delete your post, I have access and permissions to my own posts only, I am not an admin.

    9. It was by accident. So many games get posted that when this version went up I disabled the post for Conviction thinking it was my old one. I forgot that there was a different patch posted by someone else.


  3. Thak you very much for the fix !!! I ve just bought it for 3 € on Ubisoft discount on Uplay yesterday. Hope it works too with Uplay.

  4. Thank you so much for the fix mike_ar69. However, I can't seem to get it to work. I've purchased the game directly on Uplay, and not through Steam. So the game is legally activated on my Uplay account. I've also made sure to have the latest 1.04 version installed (patched). I have started a new game (didn't just load some of my previous savegames), since you mentioned that it was worth a shot if something was "off". But the shadows, lighting, visual effects, halos etc. are all just as prominent on the screen as running the game in vanilla (without your fix).

    Maybe you know of something that I could try to get this to work! I would really like to play this game through in proper geometric 3D. :(
    I could provide screenshots, but I actually didn't see any more or less anomalies when using your fix versus not using it. The game however does
    register the fix, since the convergence preset toggle key "0" works in the game. That is the only thing that works for me at the moment though.

    Is this related to the fact that I haven't purchased the game directly on Steam, hence the installation path is different and doesn't activate the fix?

    Perhaps you could make a variation of the fix that works for the "Direct Uplay" version as well? I'm sure there's a ton of work involved, but it
    would be nice.

    Again, thank you for all the wonderful work you've shared with the 3d vision community.
    I'm so grateful for everything you and your fellow colleagues have done! ;-)

  5. OMG! I'm sorry terribly sorry for my last post. You can completely ignore that post. Somehow I just noticed "Splinter Cell" on the news page, and I got so excited that I didn't actually catch the "Conviction" part. lol. So I immediately thought this fix was for "Blacklist". No wonder your fix didn't work. xD

    But, this is still awesome! Now I'll install Splinter Cell "CONVICTION" on Steam, and enjoy the game in proper 3D. That alone is worth a second playthrough. Thanks again mike. ;-)

    1. No Worries ;-) I do have a Blacklist fix sitting around as well :-) I need to sort the HUD on that and then I'll put that out. I am not happy with the Blacklist fix though because there is one lighting issue I don't know how to fix. The lights don't look wrong so there is no 3D issue as such, but rather the lights do not display at all unless convergence is set to (almost) zero - it's all 'local' stuff like lights on a stairwell, or from a lamp in a corner, so not necessarily noticeable, but there is the odd 'big light' (say a spotlight) that can make some areas look dark: so if you are looking to "hide" you might accidentally crouch in an area with a spotlight that you don't know about and get shot (though I must say I only crouch where it says I can, and those markers all work). I have a toggle to switch between normal convergence and zero convergence to manually correct for this, but it's not ideal. I also have to disable bloom and lens flares. Working with the HUD in Blacklist is a pain, but I aim to complete it soon.

  6. Hi Mike, i have major problems with this fix, first of all i'm experiencing a huge fps drop (from 45 to 8 on the same scene), even with 3d off (from 120 to 25!), i have to remove the dll from the game folder in order to fix it.
    Also i have problems with shadows on the right eye, the bleed and keep printed on the screen.
    Any clue please? maybe an nvidia inspector profile or a driver roolback? i'm with 340.43 and i'm using steam version but i launch it from uplay.

  7. Hello,
    I have a fresh Steam install of the game that works properly, yet after I install the fix (and set environmental to "medium"), I can only reach the main interface: if I launch whichever type of game, it crashes to desktop

    any hints, please?


    1. thanks Bo3b, I missed it, yet even disabling the overlays (Uplay and Steam) the game crashes to desktop as soon as I launch any section (story, multiplayer...)

    2. Not sure. If you tried to disable Steam via deleting the dlls, then I'm not sure.
      Best bet would be to ask in the forums if anyone else can give it a try.

  8. Is this game any better now? It is on the list of the nvidia site as 3D vision ready.
    Do we still need the fix?

    1. No, the game is not 3DVision Ready. Yes, you do still need the fix.