Saturday, May 24, 2014

Killer is Dead -Nightmare Edition-

Killer is Dead -Nightmare Edition- 

Update: Tested on full game/ dlc.
Fixed: Shadows/effect/etc
Removed: Enemy health bars
Known Issues: On some enemies health bars occasionally flicker before disabling.

Automatic convergence feature is implemented. Will automatically adjust convergence setting based on gameplay/cinematic.
To change cinematic depth/convergence. Click F3 then adjust, save with F7
To change gameplay depth/convergence. Click F4 then adjust, save with F7

Required Instructions:
Go to.. \Killer is Dead\KidGame\Config\KidEngine.ini

To unlock Framerate follow Instructions HERE
[TBH, I left it capped cause I played it before people posted how to to fix it. It gave me excuse to use more AA then I've ever had. Nvidia inspector settings HERE]

Install to.\Killer is Dead\Binaries\Win32\

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