Monday, June 16, 2014

Saints Row 4 - DirectX 11 3DMigoto 3D Vision Fix

3DMigoto DX11 3D Vision Fix by mike_ar69 and bo3b

1. Shadows
2. Lights
3. Double Imaging (fog and smoke)
4. Skybox elements
5. HUD

1. Decals like blood etc (for now)

Known Issues
2. You need to change profile (using Nvidia inspector) to Saints Row 2.
3. ***The fix only seems to work for SLI at the moment.
4. On some systems, if the HUD is pushed into depth the Presidents eyeballs and all tattoos are rendered incorrectly, even if you toggle to 2D mode.  This is fixed by going to a tattoo parlour, setting the game to 2D (ctrl-T), and picking a few options until the eyeballs and tattoos are drawn correctly.  Exit the tattoo selection then turn 3D back on.  This is a PIA, but c'est la vie.
5. On some systems, the Lighting option must be set to *high*, since low does not render correctly.
6. Some specular lights on cars and other surfaces are a bit off.
7. Some objects have red or blue lighting, and it can occur on some systems that one eye is red and one is blue.  This is fixed by alt-tabbing out and back in.  You may need to do this after cut-scenes as well.

8. ***If you are using 3D surround, in Nvidia Control Panel you need to disable surround and select 'maximize 3D performance' just using one monitor.

HUD Settings
Because of the above mentioned eyeball problem, by default the HUD is not pushed in.  You change this by editing the d3dx.ini file as follows, setting the "x" value.

x=0.8 <-- Change this one e.g. 0.4 is less depth, -0.2 will pop out the screen etc
y=0.05 //reflection correction: 0=painted on ground, 0.05=at depth
z=0          //unused
w=0        //unused

The above 'reflection' setting affects how lights are reflected off the ground (usually when it's wet).  Bu default the game makes these lights look 'painted' on the ground with the same depth as the ground (most games do this actually).  The setting 0.05 adds a wee bit of depth that makes them look like proper reflections with a depth the same as the object being reflected.  I think it looks miles better like this, but if you don't like it, change this setting to "0".  Do not use any other value that 0.05, else the reflections will look like they are in the wrong place and its even worse than no correction at all.

1. This fix requires that, using Nvidia Inspector, you set the game profile to Saints Row 2, else the fix for shadows and reflections does not work.

2. Run the game once to make sure it's installed, resolution and refresh are like you want.
Make sure 3D kicks in.

5. Get the fix as a zip file from here:
and unzip all of the files and ShaderFixes folder into the "Saints Row IV" exe folder.
e.g. "D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV"
If you need to uninstall, there is an uninstall.bat that will delete the dlls.

6) With all that installed, run SR4.
You should be able to see everything in 3D, and be able to change depth and convergence.

First launch will be slow, like a minute, as it caches shaders.


  1. Just a note that this game is an almighty mess out of the box, and we think it looks pretty good now, despite the remaining issues. The main problem to look at is why the fix does not work on non-SLI (we have the same issue with Saints Row 3), but this could easily be a driver or profile bug so it just might not be possible to fix. Game is great fun though and has a good sense of scale in 3D, especially with the jumping super powers.

  2. The photos above look fantastic in 3D. Went and picked up the game right after seeing them (held out so far when there wasn't a fix because SR3 3d was so bad out of the box). Sadly my computer isn't SLI atm. Still, I'm tempted to go buy a matching video card seeing the photos. Except it seems in some other games SLI breaks 3d patches? Or maybe its only a couple games.. Wish it would work for me. I tried anyway though. Would love a single video card fix if ever possible.

    1. So I went out and picked up a 2nd Nvidia 760 card to run SLI. All I can say now is WOW. The game runs great in 3D, I took off facial hair and eyebrows and I am loving the way everything looks now. Need to get to the improvement store to try your eyeball fix.
      On a side note, other games in 3d are better with 2 cards. General improvement of 20-50% more fps.

  3. Is there any way to fool the system into thinking it is in SLI mode ? I know it sounds crazy but it seems crazy to have to be in sli to make this work, I just upgraded from SLI 560's to a 780 which is an awesome card and beats my old SLI setup by a long mile. Maybe there is a tricky hack to make the pc believe it is running 2 x 560's when it is actually still running the 780 ?

    Sorry if this is a ridiculous idea but I know people have come up with crazier sounding workarounds for things in the past.

    Anyway despite that thanks for your efforts you guys are amazing and I have used a couple of your other fixes including the latest for Transformers which works great !!!

    1. Actually, yes, I tried this by changing the underlying code and lying to the game that it was in SLI when in single mode. I haven't been able to get anything to work this way though. This problem is pretty rare, but it happens. In Bioshock Infinite case for example, if you are running SLI the water does not work right in the first temple.

    2. Also, X-Rebirth does not render lights properly in 3D-Vision + SLI, but is fine in non-SLI.

  4. Were the Nvidia 340.43 beta drivers out when you guys released this patch ? I wondered because I just installed them and now SR IV works in compatability mode and although there is still many problems it is actually ok. So for SLI users is this patch better than the compatability mode offered by Nvidia ... my guess it is but alot ?

    1. Yep, the drivers were out before we started, but we prefer true-3D whenever it's feasible. For SR4 and a single card, it's unfortunately the only way to go at present. It's not terrible, but it's not as good as the real deal. (not enough depth, limited convergence, no toyification.)

    2. Thanks bo3b and I saw the screenshots and just makes me wish devs were testing 3D rather than ignoring it ! Why don't they realise just how awesome games like this are with 3D Vision ?

      Is there any chance in the future you guys might crack this whole "SLI only" discombobulation nonsense ?

      But anywayz you guys do R O C K and thanks so much :D

    3. We've tried to solve the SLI issue, but have no way yet. We can disable a couple of shaders that removes most of the 2D crap, but it then affects a lot of lights making then shine through objects. These lights cannot be disabled because you then end up with all indoor lighting being disabled. I guess the game could be played with lights shining through things, but it would be a bit disconcerting. Ultimately the game (and NVidia's profile) is bugged as far as 3D Vision goes, and Nvidias approach to solving it has been to provide the CM profile which does not help us.

  5. I have found the complete list of Saints Row 4 Cheats, add them to this post :)

  6. Anybody ever get this to work without SLI?

    1. Don't think anyone has. Might be worth a try with latest drivers though, lots of changes between then and now.

    2. Thanks for your reply! Funnily enough I did try it out after posting that and lo and behold, it has issues but it is absolutely playable.. and WOW.. glorius fun!
      It has many of the same issues Shadow of Mordor had without the helixmod fix.
      Haloing, convergence slopes the terrain strangely, etc.
      But totally playable.
      I got to the 3D party reaaaaaally late!

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    4. I will try this! Bought the game on a sale, was waiting for a non-sli fix to play (game is terrible in compatibility mode). When I try it, I'll get back to you here. As ever THANKS Helix mod and ALL affiliates!