Monday, September 15, 2014

Fable Anniversary - 3D Vision Fix.

Using latest HelixMod DLL
Created by Helifax

- Automatic Convergence between Normal gameplay & Cinematics (the auto-convergence swaps based on the existence of the mini-map on screen, so keep that on)
- Alternative preset for aiming with the Box + Crosshair at correct depth. Manually activate by pressing F1.
- Different types of haloes around different effect : spell-casting, fire, opening chests FX, etc
- Various other things which previously where rendering incorrect

- Shadows. I wasn't able to figure it out yet how to fix the shadows.

Not fixed
- Water Reflections as I cannot dump the vertex or pixel shaders no matter what I tried....

- In game options put Character Selection Halo on OFF as it renders incorrect. The selection halos are required for some of the mini-games otherwise I would have removed them altogether.
- The fix comes with SweetFX injector as some asked for it. (Preset from here:
- If you get weird bands on the left & right of the screen and this annoys you, use the nvidia keys to Cycle the Frustum. (Default key is CTRL + F11. However I recommend changing the shortcut to a different set of keys as F11 is used by the game to switch to window mode) !!!

- Archive: Fable Anniversary
- Copy the content of the above archive in :"\Fable Anniversary\Binaries\Win32\" folder.
- Before starting the game run "HeliXmodLauncher.exe" file.
- Start the game.
- Enjoy.

Different SweetFX Preset
- If you want a different SweetFx Preset you can overwrite the preset files. Just be sure NOT to overwrite d3d9.dll.


  1. This looks so awesome. Thanks for working on this! Nostalgia here I come.

  2. Hi.
    Is there any way to play this fix without a hooker?

    1. You mean without launching HeliXmodLauncher.exe before?
      If you don't want sweetfx then you can just grab the regular d3d9.dll release version and overwrite the current one found in the game's bin folder.
      If you want to use it with sweetfx then NO. The proxylib functionality (from the ini file) doesn't work for some reason...

    2. Thanks a lot!
      Thats just what i want, the fix without swetfx...
      By the way, This is ready done or a work in progress fix? (im asking cause of shadows, hehe)

    3. I haven't Fixed DMC:) I think Helix did:)
      Currently the fix is pretty much released. If I will fix the shadows I will add them to the fix and make an update:)

    4. Play with the hooker!? Lol. ;)

  3. On Tridef this game runs very well with shadows using DmC Devil May Cry profil. Maybe this can help you to fix the shadows because i know you already fixed DmC :)

  4. Hello

    I cannot save the convergence. I have to adjust the convergence every single time when it goes back from a scene to the normal 3rd person view. Can you help me please?


    1. You can save the convergence by pressing F7. :)

  5. No, it does not work only in this game. In all other games i can save the convergence with Ctrl+F7. On the screen i get the message that the convergence should be saved, but it does not. Any ideas?

  6. Just F7(not Ctrl+F7) and there's no on-screen confirmation when/if it does save to the DX9Settings.ini, you may need to press whichever Key is mapped to the Preset you're trying to save first, to enable the Preset you want to adjust before you adjust it.

    Poking around in the INI, it looks like Key1/F1 is mapped to Presets 3 & 4 but neither has the line "SaveSepSettings = true" under them so it may not be able to save to them, I'm not certain and I don't have it/can't test it ... usually you need select the Preset before being able to save to it and it looks like Preset 1 & 2(with the "SaveSepSettings = true" line) may only be selectable 'automatically' by the fix.

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