Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sherlock Holmes : Crimes and Punishments [DX9] [Updated]

Update: Fixed some later issues thanks to saves provided by raoul rascal
Fixed: Shadows, Hud, etc
Known Issues: There are some minor hud mismatching [depths]

I didn't beat this game and I am not sure I will be able to make time for that but I believe patch should be pretty much done. There were much less issues then the usual UE3 game.

>Right Click the game in your Steam game list.
>Choose Properties
>Choose Launch Options
>type -dx9 in the box
>Click Okay and Close

>Right click Sherlock.exe
>make shortcut
>right click the new shortcut.

>go to properties and append "-dx9" to the target field.
"E:\Program Files (x86)\Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments\Binaries\Win32\Sherlock.exe" -dx9

Go to..C:\Users\...\Documents\my games\Sherlock Holmes - Crimes and Punishments\SH7Game\Config\SH7SystemSettings.ini
Change Values

Install to..\Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments\Binaries\Win32\

Update from 3d4dd adds fix for god rays: Sherlock_Crimes_godray_fix.zip

If you like this fix I accept Paypal Donations at EQZITARA@YAHOO.COM or my PATREON.
Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. Awesome dude, you're a killer :)

  2. great works,t there are just issues with fog in mission 2 ( "the mine" location) and in mission 3 in the steam room

    1. ok
      I posted it on your yahoo mail.
      You have to push a lever to activate steam in bath stem room mission 3.
      I don't have save for miision 2 "mine".
      some wate glitch on temple in the other save.

    2. Updated. Thanks

      Looked at them all but mission 2 but its "probably" on one of the shaders already fixed.

    3. in few times we need to to wipe a picture or an object to reveal what is behind dust or so. An example when we arrive in the mine, these a signboard we need to rebuilt and wipe.
      In these case the wipe don't work in 3D and don't reveal anything, have to switch to 2D.

    4. I'd need a save.

      Also I dont know what Sailors register is.

    5. Sorry for the sailor's register, in the last dated saves I send you, you should be (or go) in Baker street, then call wiggins by the window street. He'll come and give you the register after speaking with him. Not a big deal if you don't find it, we just have to switch to 2D (same for the wipe issue)

  3. All I want to say is awesome Job Eqzitara!! The game looks very nice and plays very nice as well;)) So far finished the 1st chapter and I couldn't find any issues;)) Looking very nice!!

    One question: Did you patch the shaders using Helix Script? or also some manual innervation?

    1. Hi Helifax, I finished the game. I send save games to Ezqitara when I saw an issue,but you'll see issue in The new garden drama, in the temple from divine syndicat, there are some bad shaders, I don't have this save so keep it for Ezqitara. Cheers

    2. manually.

      redownload. patch has been updated.
      Its possible that he won't see issues even if you didn't give me a save for them. Just cause I search for "alike" shaders.

    3. So, all the shaders that you fixed where manually fixed? There's quite a lot of them;)) Interesting though;)) I haven't looked inside them but I guess they look alike no?:)

    4. There actually isnt that many in comparison to most UE3 games.

      TBH, Helix's script is less and less accurate cause of updates and changes. I can fix games without it though. I only use it to save time when it does work. Sometimes I regret using it like The Bureau broke more then it fixed.

    5. There are multiple versions of UE3 which people don't realize. [A ton. I guess it depends on payment plans/ features/ etc]

      Like I used the script for The Vanishing of Ethan Carter but I still had to fix more shaders then this game though both are on UDK.

    6. Interesting;)) I know there are a lot of UDK iterations of the engine... from fixing the games in surround... but I imagined the shaders were quite similar;)) Apparently not;))

  4. Thank You for the fix! Based on DarkStarSword's method I have made a fix for the godrays in this game. Download these files and add them to the shaderoverride folder of the original fix: https://s3.amazonaws.com/3d4dd/Sherlock_Crimes_godray_fix.zip

  5. My game worked fine until blood bath. I t started lagging from when I visited the St Albains.ie the roman archaeological site. Plz help