Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dark Souls 2

Fix by Helifax

- Made some shadows which previously were rendering 2D now render 3D. (Like in Majula)
- Fixed some shadows on walls. Previously in one eye they were black.
- Removed some other minor shadows here and there.
- Pushed the whole UI in depth.
- Added 2 convergence presets on F1: Higher convergence / low convergence (almost like the default one). You can increase them and save them with F7.
- Removed some annoying reflections on the character's armor
- Removed some shadows that were introduced in the DLCs.
- Reflections:
- Fixed the reflections to some degree. => If the reflections are fixed the dynamic shadows (from torches) render at a very high depth.
Therefor you have 2 options:
a. Disable shadows altogether. => Not really recommended.
b. Added a Reflection preset swap on F2. => If you go to a location (like Dranglic Castle) and you see lighting issues on walls or floor (like main hall) press F2 to align them. If you are using the torch in some places and the dynamic shadows bother you to much you can press F2 again to align the shadows but will break the reflections/ lighting in that place. - You can change the HUD depth from the Ini file if you want to.

- The shadows/reflections are an approximation since they do some weird stuff in the shaders and I wasn't able to figure it out exactly how it works. (too many defined constant magical numbers in there)

- Tested on Single & Surround and works the same.
- If you are playing with a gamepad (Which I highly recommend) you can use XPADDER to bind F1/F2 to some gamepad keys as well.

KEEP IN MIND THIS IS NOT A PERFECT FIX, just an improvement over the default game that should make 3D Vision Rendering BETTER !s

Put the content from the archive next to the game exe.
Dark Souls 2 Fix


  1. you and our only hope .helps us . fix 3dvision alien isolation thanks you

    1. Refer to this thread for the latest news regarding this:

  2. Thank you for this! I was waiting to get DS2 until someone (who is awesome) improved the 3D vision.

  3. thank you men but this fix not run with dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin version :((

  4. This fix targets the original DX9 version of the game and not the DX11 version.
    Most likely a new fix for the DX11 version will never appear since is basically the same game...but I might be wrong:)

  5. How did you do this? Can it be done with other games as well? Could you make a guide?

    - Pushed the whole UI in depth.

  6. i try install the Setup labbed " 2-3 DSII-GEMv14-ENB-LowDoF-HD-VPostEff-7-1-4 " in my Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin and now if i start the game,in screen of saved game the have bug and afte i load the game this start with many bugged screens,one above other,i can walk with the char but have one tipy of screen "dancing" all time in game... u can help me? i cant take screnshot, still one withe screen in screenshot. Ty for some help.

  7. Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin
    please, fix it!!!
    you are only hope! so sad without 3d!!!