Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Styx Master of Shadows

Fixed : shadows, etc
Known Issues: Light rays are off in beginning area.

To change cinematic depth/convergence. Click F3 then adjust, save with F7
To change gameplay depth/convergence. Click F4 then adjust, save with F7

I only tested this for first level. I originally planned to play game completely but quickly realized I no longer have the patience for stealth games. If anyone has any issues and wants me to fix them just send me save files though I don't think there will be many. TBH, this game is good in 3D but not great. There are alot of hud elements which some may have issues with at high depth setting and may have to compromise with less depth.

Go to.. C:\Users\...\Documents\my games\Styx\StyxGame\Config\StyxEngine.ini

Launch game->video options
Distortion = False

Install to..Styx Master of Shadows\Binaries\

If you like this fix I accept Paypal Donations at EQZITARA@YAHOO.COM or my PATREON.
Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. Thanks, that was really quick fix. "On your own time" wasnt that long :>

    1. Was planning to like it more = /
      Stealth an't my thing anymore it seems.

  2. svp helix. :: bad 3dvision alien isolation :(

  3. Yes, please make a fix for the Alien Isolation.

  4. Thanks for this!

  5. How do you adjust depth/convergence?
    I press F3 or F4 and then what?

    I have been using F3 mode only (for cinematic and gameplay) because F4 mode destroys my head.
    Could you elaborate on how to use the adjustments? I'm new to 3D Vision.

    1. F3 = CINEMATIC
      F4 = GAMEPLAY

      Press either key adjust your depth/convergence using your nvidia 3d vision keys. Save this new setting when done with F7.
      Then exit and restart game and new setting will apply

    2. That didn't work. Whether I press F3 or F4, I then have to adjust the depth pressing Ctrl+F3 or Crtl+F4 and when I do, I switch modes.
      Example: I want to adjust gameplay depth so I press F4. Then I press Ctrl+F3 to decrease depth. I end up switching to cinematic mode.
      And I have wired glasses so there's no IR emitter wheel to do the adjustment.
      Unless I'm doing it wrong and it's not Ctrl+F3/F4 I should be using for the adjustment in which case, I don't know what I should be pressing.

    3. A couple of ways around that. You can temporarily disable the Helix fix by renaming the d3d9.dll and adjusting depth/convergence first, then saving with Ctrl-F7. Another possibility would be to change the keys used for depth/convergence. Go to Stereo Control Panel->Set Keyboard Shortcuts.

    4. OR
      open dx9settings.ini
      look for
      Key = 115
      Presets = 8;
      Type = 1


      Key = 114

    5. Change to...

      Key = 117
      Presets = 8;
      Type = 1


      Key = 116

    6. This will change keys from F3/F4 to F5/F6

  6. Thank for the fix, its work on my pc but everytime i go to the menu or level reload (after dying) the depth auto ajust to 0%, any idea for fix this ? thank.

  7. Thank you for a great fix.

  8. не сохраняет бляядь настройки.... Нубы ебаннутые.....

  9. Hi,
    I tried a manual installation of the patch, and an installation with 3D Fix Manager (great tool by the way).
    In both case my screens enter 3D mode, but the game remains in 2D (same sharp image on both eyes, even without the glasses). I mean there is no stereoscopic effect.
    The only difference with the game in 2D is hud which seems fuzzy in 3D mode even with the glasses.
    My setup : 3D surround, windows 10, game installed by steam. My 3D surround works with other games.
    Any idea ? Thanks.

    1. Just tested this with Win10, driver 391.35. Seems to be working correctly here, looks terrific, including the light rays at the start. Thus fix is still working.

      For your scenario, try doing a fully clean driver reinstall using DDU. Also try running with Surround disabled to see if that might be introducing a variable. If that proves to be it, look around for Unreal 3 fixes for Surround, probably

    2. Thanks for your answer.
      I disconnected 2 of my screens, and did the tests with only one screen.
      I Uninstalled driver with DDU, and installed latest version 397.31.
      I re-installed the game with steam, and the patch with 3D Fix Manager.
      I still have the same problem : the screen is in 3D mode, but the game stay in 2D and hud is fuzzy. I did a print screen :

    3. Try disabling all your overlays, including the top left CPU usage one. Disable Steam overlay as well. HelixMod specifically does not work well with other overlays.

      The HUD seems to be in 3D. That's the usual double-image we get when viewing without glasses. That suggests that maybe the depth and/or convergence are set to zero. Try hitting the F3, F4 keys as described. Also try using Ctrl-F4 and Ctrl-F6 to turn the depth and convergence higher. Ctrl-F6 take a long time, like 30 seconds.

    4. I disabled steam and rivatuner overlays. I still have the same problem.
      And convergence is already set to max.

      Yes HUD looks like the usual double-image we get without glasses, but if you get a screen copy with "print screen" when 3D is working, you only get one image (the one of left eye or the one of the right eye) and then there is no double-image on the screen copy.

      See "nvidia 3D test working perfectly.jpg" on the same dropbox folder :
      There is no double-image on the screen copy and with my glasses the result is perfect 3D.

      In styx, the HUD is not in 3D. It just looks like the left eye image and right eye image are merged into a both eyes fuzzy image.

      I tried with 3D Vision Discover and it seems to work. 3D Vision Discover merge the left eye red image and the right eye green image into a double-image.
      But it doesn't work with 3D Vision (active glasses), neither with the emitter integrated in my screen, nor with the usb emitter.
      It just looks like instead of generating 2 images, one for each eye, and displaying them successively on the screen, the game merges the 2 images and displays the result to both eyes.

  10. OK, that maybe suggests that your profile for the game is broken. Let's back up. Remove the fix altogether from the game. We need 3D Vision to engage properly before adding any fix. That's not happening with this game for some reason. I also note that when I run the game, the green Nvidia help text says "Styxgame", and yours says "not rated." I seem to think that when I first ran the game mine was also "not rated" and became "Stxygame" for a default.

    Since you already did a DDU driver install, I'm not sure how that can still be broken. Which version of Win10? And can you do a test of this on Win7? Having a dual-boot makes things a lot easier and reliable, because Win10 now likes to change and break things arbitrarily, twice a year.

    I agree that the Discover version seems right, and I can't explain why that would work, but 3D Vision would not. Even with profile differences.

    1. I removed the fix with 3D Fix Manager : the game is not in 3D and my screen does not enter 3D mode.

      If I edit StyxEngine.ini and set AllowNvidiaStereo3d=True, then the my screen enters 3D mode and I can read the green 3D Vision message "This application is not rated by nvidia", but the image remains in 2D.
      See file "Styx 3D - fix not installed - AllowNvidiaStereo3d=True.jpg" on

      Sorry I don't have a win7 licence for this machine. My version of Win10 is 1709 (16299.371).

    2. I downloaded Nvidia Profile Inspector.
      If I associate StyxGame.exe to the profile "Styx: Master of Shadows", there is still the same problem.
      But if I associate StyxGame.exe to the profile "Prototype", the game is in 3D (see "Styx 3D with profile Prototype.jpg") although it's ugly.
      I then reinstalled the fix and tested with the profiles Aion (ugly), The Witcher (some informations only on right eye) and Mass Effect 2 (seems OK).

    3. Yes ! It works in 3D surround with profile "Mass Effect 2" and the fix, even with the RivaTunerStatistics Overlay.
      Thank you for your help bo3b.