Wednesday, November 12, 2014


fix by: 3d4dd

- Halos caused by some water surfaces and fog

Known Issue(s):
-some distortion effects during fights look strange (similar to motion blur, etc.)

  • Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the directory that contains the game's EXE file (e.g. ffxiiiimg.exe in ...\FINAL FANTASY XIII\white_data\prog\win\bin\)
  • After the resolution update for the game from 12/11/2014: extract the contents from Zip file into the main folder of the game that contains FFXiiiLauncher.exe (e.g. ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\FINAL FANTASY XIII\)
  • move d3d9.dll into the folder which contains the game's exe file ffxiiiimg.exe (e.g. ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\FINAL FANTASY XIII\white_data\prog\win\bin)
  • (Should not be necessary any more:
    If Helixmod doesn't work when the game is started by steam or the launcher restart the game and try it again. If it still doesn't work:
    1. make a shortcut of the exe file
    2. right click on shortcut -> properties
    3. in Target line add: "\bin\ffxiiiimg.exe" -fullscreenmode
    (-VoiceJPMode for Japan audio))
Additional Notes:
- Depth and convergence presets per hotkey: "7" - exploration, "8" - fight/cut scenes, "9" - close ups in cut scenes. You can customize the settings by pressing the hotkey, adjust convergence/depth and save it with Ctrl+F7.
- Use hotkey "c" in 2D video cut scenes (otherwise the subtitles will pop out)
- Toggle light shafts intensity with hotkey "v" (original/reduced/off)
- Toggle HUD in fights with hotkey "p" (opaque/transparent/off)
- I often got "Appilcation load error ..." when I started the game. I had to exit steam completely (not only minimize to tray icon) and start FF XIII again. As Helixmod often didn't work after the first start I had to restart the game. Then everything was fine.
- The fix is compatible with GeDoSaTo.
Update Notes:
- please remove the files from the old version before installing the updated version
- reduced the depth of menu and HUD elements
  Use the new hotkey "c" in 2D video cut scenes (otherwise the subtitles will pop out)
  In DX9Settings.ini You can find information how to adjust the depth to Your own taste.
  If You want to use the original depth move 9610AE18.txt in the folder ShaderOverride to ShaderOverride/VertexShaders and replace the existing file
- removed clipping issues in menus


  1. For some reason the hud and minimap (2d elements) appear quite deep instead of screen depth. is it possible to change that? it used to be screen depth on my previous windows installation back when the game released.

    Thank you

    1. For me these elements always had depth out of the box. Personally I liked that and I'm just trying to push these elements to depth in FF XIII-2, too. Both games have exactly the same shader for the HUD and menus but in FF XIII-2 they are displayed in 2D for me. This must be a driver mechanic for stereoisation I don't understand. Besides from that both games don't have a special profile but are "unknown". Maybe a driver update is the reason why the HUD in FF XIII has depth for You now? To be honest I'm glad if I can give the HUD and menus in FF XIII-2 some depth and don't plan to make them 2D in FF XIII. But of course in my future fix for FF XIII-2 I will offer a version which lets HUD and menu at screen depth.

    2. After I have made my HUD fix for FF XIII-2 I also had a look at FF XIII again. I discovered that the HUD and menus in FF XIII are out of the box much deeper than the depth values I have chosen for FF XIII-2. So I have decided to adjust the depth in FF XIII to my settings for FF XIII-2 and made an UPDATE for the fix. You can even make them 2D if You want. Hope it helps!

  2. Hello friend
    i don't understand what's going on with this game, i enabled 3D stereoscopic, forced 120 Hz in my screen, and 3dvision doesn't working at all in the game. all my other games works like a charm excepted this one.
    here is my Rig : (sli enabled)
    Is there a tip please ?

    1. Did you try the -fullscreen mode?

    2. hello bo3b. i tried with -fullscreen, there is no change. i really don't know why this game doesn't enable 3Dvision with my system oO.
      However, i have a lot of other games i enjoy thanks to Helix ;-)

    3. Hey I got the same problem. I reinstalled it without the update and I can run 3D. I don't know how to run in 3D after the update though.

    4. For Steam version you'll need to add the -fullscreenmode parameter in the game launch properties. Generally you cannot use a shortcut with steam games.

      Be sure to get it working in 3D BEFORE adding the fix or otherwise modifying it. More stuff is always more complication.

      Might have broken after update though. Experiment. Look up on other forums. For 3D we need full screen mode. Maybe try the googleearth profile as that allows windowed 3D, sometimes.

    5. Hello Guillaume!
      I don't know if you are still looking for a solution but if it is the case here you go. I had the exact same issue, did the reinstallation and it wasn't working either. But I find a fix.
      Go in you nvidiainspector, delete ffxiiiimg.exe from the Final Fantasy XIII profile. Go in Assassin's creed 3 profile and add the previous exe (ie ffxiiiimg.exe) to the profile. Apply you changes, launch the game and everything should work as expected =)

    6. open registry (win+r; enter "regedit" without the quotes) search for "MaximizedWindowedMode" in HKEY_CURRENT_USER/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/Shims, right click on it, permitions , add "everyone", and mark it to "disallow everything" or what it called in engilsh, because changing the entry of FFXIII (gameexecutable) and FFXIII-2 too, to zero will start FFXIII next time in fullscreenmode, but after that it changges these settings again to one, so that both games starting in maximized-borderless-window-mode again, instead of fullscreen-mode. Thats why 3D doesn't turn on, but after setting permission for everyone to disallow read+write, it should work fine in 3D.

    7. (i'm on Steam). After a long time, i finally reinstalled FFXIII. I was surprised, the game worked in 3DVision. So i decided to try again to install Helix fix. and again the 3D didn't worked anymore. i tried to "return" to initial installation without the fix, but 3DVision refused to work again (strange). So i installed again the fix, i tried the "unknow" tip using Assassin creed 3 profile, so it's working (thx !!).

      But i've some problems with subtitles. i'm forced to reduce a lot the convergence to have the possibility to read without problems.

      here are the subtitles with a normal/high convergence

      what can i do please ?

  3. i tried again today. no means to enable 3Dvision in this game, that's so frustrating :( (bought on Steam so it's updated automaticely). i tried admin mode, i targeted ffxiiiimg.exe in Nvidia inspector's profil. i tried -fullscreen of course. absolutely no 3D :(

  4. Sorry, but this patch doesn't work for the HUD.

    The depth of the HUD will be the same as without patch.

    It is hard to play with default depth of the HUD (extremely deeply).

    The button "с" doesn't work (in fact only buttons «7», «8» and «9» work). And the changing of "сonst2" in INI doesn't affect to the depth of the HUD too.

    I miraculously found the first patch of Helix, it sets the depth of the HUD to 2D correctly.

    1. Looks like eqzitara took that earlier page down under the assumption that this fix was better. In case it's useful, here is the direct link to the earlier fix: Old fix.

    2. Indeed the old fix is the real fix.

  5. The game just simply refuses to work on Windows 10. It will crash all over the place.
    Tried different Nvidia drivers (with and without the fix) and simply loves to crash.
    Use Windows 7, where everything is working perfect!

  6. The game just simply refuses to work on Windows 10. It will crash all over the place.
    Tried different Nvidia drivers (with and without the fix) and simply loves to crash.
    Use Windows 7, where everything is working perfect!

  7. Hey, I recognize that this was posted in 2014 but I figured I'd just try and ask for help anyway. I have an issue where the game won't toggle to 3D. I'm using Windows 10, GTX 970 and am using 3DTV Play on my television (Panasonic Viera). I don't have problems with Street Fighter V or Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. In this, though, the game loads and it's not stereoscopic. If I hit CTRL+ALT+Instert, the screen will stutter for a second as if the the compatibility box was going to display but it doesn't. And if I hit CTRL+T and then do CTRL+ALT+Insert again it does not stutter. It's like it's supposed to be working but it's just not stereoscopic. Thanks in advance for any help.

    1. Another way to explain it: If I load the game in another resolution, the box with red text that says "This is not the correct resolution (paraphrased)" does not show up.

    2. Reinstalled my drivers. Didn't help...

    3. Also, I'm pretty new to this. I don't know what the Assassins Creed 3 profile is...

  8. 1. Open regedit (press start and type "regedit")
    2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Direct3D > Shims > MaximizedWindowedMode
    3. If you've run the game before you will see a key that points to your FF13-2 executable, and the value will be 1, delete it or change the value to 0
    4. Right click the "MaximizedWindowedMode" folder and choose "permissions"
    5. Click the add button and write "Everyone", then press ok, it might open a pop up window if there's more objects that contain "Everyone", make sure you pick the one that is simply called "Everyone".
    6. Once you've added the "Everyone" object click "deny" for "full control" and then ok
    7. Close regedit
    8. Run the game now in 3d Vision

    1. or in this case it would for FFXIII not FFXIII-2 but can be used for either or.

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  10. Hey every, to enable 3D vision in this game open the Nvidia Inspector application and add the FF13-2 launcher & .exe to the 'Assassins Creed 3' profile.

    This works both for FF13 and FF13-2.

  11. @Anonymous above this is not working, like the fix.

    Could anyone look into this, game is running with Windows 10 Creatorsupdate.

  12. Windows 10 CU, game only works in Windowed mode using the Nvidia inpector AC3 profile. Otherwise, game doesn't launch correctly.