Monday, December 8, 2014

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Fix by Stryker_66

In recent months, Steam has been working with some publishers/developers to patch out GFWL (Games for Windows Live) from their games which has caused me to revisit some of my older titles. I had a look at Red Faction Guerrilla and like many games, it has issues in 3DVision. I used the Helixmod debugger to remove some offending shaders.


Note: For Steam version of the game, turn off the shadows in game settings and at launch run the game in DX9 mode. I've also disabled motion blur and depth of field in game since I don't like those features in any game. You can enable them if you prefer.

1.) Use NVidia Inspector to remove the Red Faction Guerrilla profile

2.) Add the "rfg.exe" executable to the Prototype 2 profile

If you are unfamiliar with NVidia Inspector, I would highly recommend downloading it and learning how to use it. It is invaluable for 3D Vision gaming. There is a great guide on how to use NVidia Inspector here.

3.) Unzip contents of file to where the "rfg.exe" file is. (i.e. \Red Faction Guerrilla) In my case it is

S:\My Steam\SteamApps\common\Red Faction Guerrilla\

The fix:

You can switch/change two convergence settings with keys "0" & "9". Simply select key and adjust your convergence and then Ctrl + F7 to save as you would normally with NVidia convergence save feature. You can then switch back and forth while in game. I included this because I prefer to have a convergence setting when I am on foot and another for when in a vehicle.

You can learn more about multiple convergence settings here and you can customise key changes in the DX9Settings.ini file.

4.) There are also optional FOV files that can be found here.

The FOV I am using is set to 90 and I personally like it because I can see my main character in full. The author for the FOV settings has a few different files from the above link that you can try for alternate FOV settings. The setting of FOV 90 works great for the toyification effect. This is my preferred setting when in a 3rd person perspective.

And lastly, if any shader whiz kids want to fix or have a look at the shaders, I included the shader dumps here. These are the offending shaders I found and disabled. There may be others since I have not played through the entire game. Please feel free to fix since a fix is more desirable than removing them.

Original Vertex Shaders

I don't know how fix yet, but decided to start dabbling to see where I can go from here.

Thanks to this great community, 3DVision lives on…


  1. Thanks! RF: Guerilla is very good game!

  2. the link is broken

  3. Download link had wrong permissions, should be fixed now.

  4. Thanks for another great fix guys. It's time to replay this great game with S3D.

  5. Congratulations for the nice work on this game! Was planning to replay it in 3D.

    It such a pity that shader fixing it's such an occult esoteric discipline. So many people are contributing with shader removals, and profile optimisation - it's so annoying that's almost impossible to really fix the shadows.
    It would be so awesome if shader displacement/stereoisation commands could be embedded in the wrapper or a separate application, with immediate action/feedback. Like for example you select one shader, then start pressing the direction arrows to move shaders more to the right, or more at depth, etc, until it looks right, then you save.
    Even if it would take time to perfectly find the best position, many people could just grind at it, shader by shader, until done.

    Of couse I realise that I gravely oversimplify, and if such an approach could be done, it would have been coded already.

    Good job, Fred!

    1. Actually, that is pretty much exactly what Chiri has done with 3Dmigoto. I'm not certain that it is fully functional, and we generally fix games a different way, but that mechanism is already there. I'm nearly sure it works at 1280x720, less sure at other resolutions, based on long ago discussions.

      If you wanted to play around with it, it's still there, should still work. You can possibly open up another venue or fixing games if you can work out how to use it.

    2. Hey Bo3b, thanks for the reply.
      My idea regarding "in-wrapper shader manipulation" must have made me sound much smarter than I am, LOL.
      If there is some documentation on manipulation methodology, keys to use, the whole process, where are the changes saved, and how they can be used as fixes, maybe I can take a look. Otherwise, I'm not at all skilled at coding/languages, so I won"t be able to reverse engineer this on my own.

      I don't want to take the focus away from Stryker's fix here, so maybe we can start a new thread on the 3DVision forum, or as part of your ShaderHacker courses. But of course please don't spend your precious time on it, unless you determine somehow that it could turn out a viable way to fix games without the kind of ability that Mike has, for the shadows etc.

  6. Guys the fix doesn't work at all for me with respect to CROSSHAIR... it is not fixed and I am sure I installed it correctely.

    1. I don't think the crosshair was part of the fix. That would be a shader that could be added with an on/off mode. Or, maybe easier, is there a game .ini file you can edit to disable crosshair?

    2. Impossible to disable it...

  7. @Stryker_66, Thank You for this one, it's a gas demo'ing stuff on a 110" projector screen with a subwoofer. A LOT of fun :-) I left the FOV at default, and for some that may not know, be sure to start the game in dx9 mode. Happy New Year, and I 2nd your statement, "Thanks to this great community, 3DVision lives on…"

  8. Thanks a bunch ,looks great in 3d .the crosshair seems a bit off but... so,s my aiming

  9. Kinda cool, shame that most shaders had to turn off. Again shame that most games loses the visuals with 3D which basicly are the things that makes 3D.
    2015 and still things don't work like they supposed to, glad i did not buy the game