Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Starpoint Gemini 2

3DMigoto 3D Vision DX11 Fix

Last Updated: March 3, 2016

What this mod does:
- Fixes skybox depth & fog halos
- Removes most 2D bloom effects
- Adds 2  convergence presets on the 'Caps Lock' key. Use can use the lower preset when in "Mounted Camera" mode.
- Fixes HUD / UI depth:
  • Press 'F7' to push the entire HUD / UI into depth.
  • Press 'F8' to push just the crosshair into depth
  • Press 'F9' to make the entire HUD / UI screen depth

Remaining Issues:
-Bloom from the twin stars is screen depth.

  • Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the same directory that has the game's EXE file. (When prompted, overwrite "d3dcompiler_46.dll")
  • Run the game and in the Options Video settings, set "Volumetric Fog Shadows" to "1"

Additional Notes:
  • If you want, you can adjust the depth of the HUD / UI. In the "d3dx.ini" file, under "[Constants]", change the "x" value. The lower the value, the more "pop out". Changing this moves the entire HUD & UI.
  • To change the convergence key & values, under "[Constants], scroll down to [Key5]", change the key & convergence values to whatever you like.
  • This fix was tested on the Steam version (game version 1.9200) using Win 7 x64, non-SLI, 1080p, Geforce drivers 361.43. I'm unsure if SLI works.


  1. Hey, cool. Is this your first 3Dmigoto fix?

    I took a quick look, and it seems good. No need to change it, but you can skip shipping the d3dcompiler_46.dll if the game already supplies it. It's the standard file, not compiled in project. Also for games that require d3dcompiler_46 themselves, you will probably want to tweak the uninstall.bat to not remove that file.

    1. Hi bo3b. Yup, this is my first one. I actually took a look at this game when it first came out, but I gave up on it too easily. It's still not perfect, though. Hopefully I'll be able to find a solution to the star light / bloom problem (as seen in the 2nd pic).

      Also, I tried using the d3dcompiler_46 that came with the game, but the fix didn't activate. I'll experiment with this more, though. Thank you for your help and for your work on 3DMigoto.

    2. Is it possible to have it totally fixed now? It is also on offer on Humble Bundle!

    3. Ok. I'll update this Wednesday or Thursday.

    4. Have you really updated it? Many thanks! Let me know!

  2. I do remember playing this before the fix and it was quite the mess. I did see the potential for a good 3D experience and 4everAwake has made that realized. Thanks for this fix.

  3. Any one of you guys making a fix for Elite Dangerous?


  5. Does anyone know if this works for Warlords ?

    1. Probably not. I'll look into Warlords when I get a chance, though.

  6. Thanks so much for fixes! installed through both 3dfixmanager and manually, and my f7/f8 keys won't push hud in as it says in instructions. Any ideas?