Friday, February 17, 2017

Assassin's Creed Rogue (DX11)

- Add fix for sparks snow (Thanks  3d4dd!) and anothers issues.
- Update the wrapper version, now support SBS and TB mode (you have to remove the ";" from [Present] section of the d3dx.ini

- Shadows
- Lights
- HUD (adjutable with the "x" parameter in d3dx.ini file)
- Sky/Sun/Stars
- White dots in the snow

Know Issues;
- Some reflections outside the minor and there is a few time you're outside the animus.....sorry i'm lazy....

- Extrat where the .exe is located
- Disable Blood ingame.

I play with all max out....only disable motion blur.
There may be some shader with low configuration settings that don't work properly...please let me know.



Alternate update by Zythus:
  • Profile forces Vsync and triple buffering for better performance. All you need is to disable Vsync ingame.
  • Profile forces real 3D and in the green text are the important graphic settings for the fix
  • 4 convergence Keys with different HUD depth
  • Numpad 6 for present
  • Numpad 7 for cutscenes
  • Numpad 8 for playing
  • Numpad 9 for high convergence
  • l key for cycle HUD depth
  • k key for toggle HUD on/off
  • Edit d3dx.ini key settings to suit your needs.
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  1. Thanks a lot! Works great.

  2. thanks looks really good!

  3. no me sale ningun archivo .exe
    Como se hace entonces?

    1. Tienes que descomprimir el contenido del .zip en donde esta ubicado el ejecutable del juego. Debería ser en ....\Assassin's Creed Rogue

  4. The only issue is the rain effects. Anyway thanks for this release.

  5. 3D Vision didn't start . I fixed it defining a valid resolution , before doing this in options>Resolution ,it said "undefined" and 3D Vision didn't start . When you define a resolution , for example 1920x1080 then 3D Vision start normally . Hope someone helps .
    Thanks very much for this fix DHR , all modder's work is awesome!!

  6. why i cannot use a D3d9 injector with a d3d11.dll fix in any game , like Bioshock I. , or AC Rogue ?
    With BI, it crashs and with AC Rogue , the injector is not working .

    1. Um, because DX9 and DX11 are completely different technology?

      I just tested Bioshock Infinite, and the game and the fix were working well on recent driver 350.12. If you are getting crashes, it's going to be something else on your system.

    2. Thx for your reply ! Perhaps it's a problem with my CG . I'm waiting for a new CG to replace my old GTX 560ti which I'm currently using following the failure of my current CG (a 780ti) .
      But when I use a d3d9.dll fix with d3d9.dll injector (sweetfx or Gemfx) , as with Dishonored, the injector is not ignored, as with AC Rogue, nor It crashs as with Bioshock.
      I expect to do more tests under better conditions in the month .

    3. So, you have some confusion here. The two games you mention of AC Rogue and Bioshock Infinite are both DX11 games. So an d3d9 injector is the wrong tool for those games. I'd expect nothing to happen, but a crash is not out of the question. You only use d3d9 injectors on DX9 games.

      I would not expect it to be a problem with your GPU, but it's complicated.

      Some background worth reviewing:

    4. i don't understand ... When i talk about d3d9.dll , i simply think about Sweetfx and GEMFX dlls which work very well in AC Rogue and Bioshock Infinite without your fix .
      Anyway,I don't use 3D yet because I'll buy all the equipment current next month . I make tests before just to wait and be ready the D-day ;)
      I learn about the best 3D system and I hesitated between a PC screen and a DLP projector ; but I saw your comments among others on the W1070 and you convinced me to buy a projector.
      It will be fantastic , even in 720p !

    5. OK, cool, I don't use SweetFX, so I'm not familiar with how it loads in a DX11 game. Games do all sorts of kooky stuff, so having it also load a d3d9.dll is not out of the question.

      Awesome that you got a projector for 3D, you are going to be absolutely shocked out how impressive some of these games can be. Be sure to ask for any help on the Geforce forums, people there are very helpful and experienced.

    6. "you are going to be absolutely shocked out how impressive some of these games can be"

      yes I'm looking forward to that. 30 years of video games, having started with the Commodore 64, I think that I will achieve the Holy Grail of immersion with this device. After that, I can move on ! :))

  7. Sparks on snow are 2D, blood is ok. Version 1.1.0

  8. Issue with sparks on snow only in shadows when sun is shining, at nights in moon light it's all right

    1. I've fix the white dots in the snow, maybe is another shader remaining.....can you upload a savegame to take a look (i'm still don't finish the game)

  9. I extracted files to the folder and restarted the game, but shadows are still wrong. Did I something wrong?


    1. Try setting the calls=1 in the d3dx.ini file. Then look for a d3d11_log.txt file after you run the game. If the log is not generated, that means the fix is not installed correctly. If the log is generated, that would suggest something changed with the game that broke the fix.

    2. Thank you, the d3d11_log.txt file ist created. The shadows are still 2d.


  10. Thanks so much DHR for your great fix, also thank you Zythus for the update. Game looks beautiful.