Saturday, May 30, 2015

IL2 Battle Of Stalingrad

A lot of things are not as they should, but some big flaws have been fixed:
  • Cloud, smoke, fire and flares are now correctly seen when in 3D vision. 
  • High and Ultra usable without severe ghosting : faulty shader are deactivated  but this will also disable cockpit light flooding on panel. So you have to enable ghosting shader in order to have the right lighting...
  • Labels & icons transformed to 3D. Not at the good depth but at least readable while in 3DVISION.
    Unfortunately, this involve putting all GUI in 3D !
  • Sight downscaled to allow them to be used for higher depth/convergence and wide FOV.
    Do not use forward point of view for sight (otherwise sight will be too small). Use zoom instead.
  • Option to make plane not disappearing behing clouds that are not before it !
    Unfortunately this fix will produce weird effects on cloud in some situation, so you will have to activate it when a plane disappear and deactivate it when no more in cloud.
  • Two cockpit view separation/convergence settings (the first to lower ghosting the second to allow easier use of sight in wide FOV)
  • Special settings for external views
  • Low separation/convergence setting when mouse4 button is pressed

Tested with 347.52 nvidia drivers.
May cause crash with steam BoS version.
See also  here for more information (thanks to TomcatQW for his work on finding shaders).

Download the fix here

Install the fix :
Use JSGME (best choice)
Unzip the fix in your JSGME mod dir. and install it with JSGME.
Unzip the fix and copy the contain of  "Helix_BoS_mixed_JMSGE" in "IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad" install dir.

Disable "cinematic" in "Camera/external view" settings.

Additional Notes:
"y" : change the label/icons/GUI depth. Zero depth for reading GUI and high depth to use icons/labels
"u" : cycle through sight scale : game setting by default, then setting for german sights, then settings for russian sights, then default and so on
"j" : toogle off/on faulty ghosting shader but also light flooding on panel
"k" : toggle on/off fix to make plane not be masked by clouds that are before it
"F1" : cycle through separation&convergence settings for cockpit view
Mouse 4: low separation/convergence settings

 If you have some black flash on ground texture, add this second fix

You may have to press two time the key to activate the effect.

The planes in hangar screen are dark because of some shader disabling.

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  1. Thank you for the fix. I'm so glad to finally see a flightsimmer who's also into 3D Vision. I bought BOS when it first available for Beta but havent touched it since due to 3D vision issues. You are saving me some 60 bucks or so (forgot how much I paid) I paid for the game.

    Hope you will continue updating it.