Saturday, May 30, 2015

Rise Of Flight (updated)

-Icon put in 3D, size of german collimator reduced and dedicated settings for external view
-Error in shader in previous version fixed: it works now with all driver versions ! 

Remaining Issues:
-None ?


Download the fix here

Install the fix :
Use JSGME (best choice)
Unzip the fix in your JSGME mod dir. and install it with JSGME.
Unzip the fix and copy the contain of "_Helix_Rof_JMSGE_v2" in "Rise Of Flight" install dir.

Additional Notes:

Use "y" key to activate/disable 3D for icons (and also jauges and GUI...)
Use  "F1" key to swith between tow convergence/separation settings for cockpit view
Use  "u"  key or mouse 4 to activate (when hold) low depth settings  : usefull for gunner aiming

Use "d" key to cycle trough different geman collimator size

Mod is now installed in "bin_game" instead of "data"

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