Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Portal 2


What this fix does:
- Moves the HUD (including crosshair) into depth
- Fixes an issue where the main menu changes depth whenever you select something
- Fixes glass refraction

Remaining Issue(s):
- Some portals or doorways look incorrect when viewed at an angle.

1)  Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the directory "..\Portal 2\"
2)  When in game, press 'Tab' and adjust the depth & convergence to your liking. Press 'F7' to save.

Additional Notes:
- Also tested this fix with mods Aperture Tag & Portal Stories: Mel


  1. Thank you so much for this fix :)

  2. awesome! Thanks for updating this fix, you people are legends!

  3. I used this fix for Portal 2 and works great, except the crosshair a bit, now.... I used it with for Portal Stories: Mel, and also there it was a bit double, but playable... Now when i start the game again the crosshair totally dissapeared.. Not oon screen anymore ... i don't know what happend...
    I wonder if i installed it correct. Must be because it worked the first time. I just unzipped it in the main folder example: D:\Games\Portal Stories MEL\
    In that directory also resides the .exe to start the game with and bin folder.

    I looked in the options in game but there was no option to disable the crosshair....

    1. Nvm. Typing "crosshair 1" in the console turned it on.
      Wonder though why the crosshair is still 2D.
      Isn't that an easy thing to fix?

    2. It's okay now, very weird. After deleting the fix and start the game, exit the game, re-installed the fix, started the game, it was okay again.....
      Probably something not quite work good here and there..... Hope it stays like this now :)

  4. Using Steam. I had trouble getting this fix to initialize at first. Seemed to resolve by removing the fix files, run the game, exit, reinstall fix files. Worked for that play session. Went back the next day and it's broken again. The fix doesn't execute. The Portal crosshair is 2D, the main menu switches between 2D/3D when selecting options, and glass textures are rendered incorrectly.

    I'm totally stumped now. Tried removing fix files and replacing by hand, or by extraction. Any suggestions?

    Using latest drives, if relevant. The only other thing worth mentioning is that I don't get the 3D information in the bottom right corner. Relevant?

    1. Oddly even the Nvidia 3D Cursor only renders one eye.

    2. Annnnd it's working again...

      Disabled Nvidia 3D, restarted computer, ran game, exited, enabled Nvidia 3D, ta-da. uhg...

      Nvidia cursor, not that I'm using it, still only renders one eye. Still no general 3D information when starting the game. You know that info that says it's 3D Vision Rating and such. Also don't see the on screen info when adjusting separation. Doesn't matter really. Just odd.

    3. Working OK here, I just tried it. The laser sight is also working in both eyes, and I get the 3D Vision Rating text.

      Probably worth trying a driver reinstall using DDU.

  5. Revisiting this game after probably years of getting to Glados, then leaving it out of fear of my experience with her in the final fight of Portal 1 (and I was scared for nothing...that isn't even the end of the game!) - looks flawless with this 3D fix - thanks!