Thursday, August 6, 2015

Crysis 3 (DX11)

This fix is for real 3D

Almost 2 1/2 years have past since Crysis 3 was release... i stop playing this game with the hope some day this game will be playable in real 3D.....well, this days is now, thanks to DarkStarSword.

Thanks DarkStarSword for cracking down Cryengine, making real 3D possible. :)
Also i want to thanks mike_ar69 for additionals fixed shaders.

- Shadows
- Lights
- Sun Beams
- Moon
- Halos in effects (Water, Smoke, light, others)
- Decals
- Disappearing / flickering objects
- Crosshair depth adjustable "x" iniparams (using texture separation)
- Target icons depth adjustable "x" iniparams (using texture separation)
- HUD (minimap and Gun info only) toggle on/off ("P" key)
- HUD depth adjustable "y" iniparams (using texture separation)
- Left trigger / Right Mouse button override convergence for aiming.

- "o" key for cycling through different depth for Crosshair and Target icons
- "p" key for enable/disable HUD (minimap and Gun info)

Recommended settings:
- Use VERY HIGH presets, i fix shaders with others settings, but i mainly focus on very high
- Use this commands:
         r_drawnearfov = 2 --> Removes weapon (you can crank up convergence)
         r_ChromaticAberration = 0 --> Disable this effect (I personally don't like it)
         r_Sharpening = 1  --> Image more sharp

Know issues:
- Water Reflection when looking down
- Water shine reflections on walls, roof, others
PS: I'm still looking this....maybe i will need help from DarkStarSword.

- Some object render incorrectly and visual artifacts (i don't have SLI so try different SLI bits and profiles with Nvidia inspector, please report back).
- mihabolil reported that reducing OBJECT to Medium and use SHADOWS in High help. Look here.

- Extract where Crysis3.exe is located



Special thanks to Flugan for his work on the assembler, used in this fix.


  1. You guys have just made one of my favorite game series so much more perfect. I myself have spent nearly two years to mod Crysis 1 and 2 to perfection by mixing my own and others mods to the smallest detail. But it have always lacked on the not so perfect 3D experience. But as I write this, I have a problem with the 3d fix. It shows two 3D images in the game and 4 when 3D is turned off. I haven't spent much time to correct the error yet.
    But please PLEASE make a 3D fix for Crysis 2 also. Then trilogy finally be a complete visual experience as it should be.

    1. Jaku.....disable all Cryengine 3D, Fake3D....including the one inside the game (always off). The wrapper do all the job to activate nvidia automatic 3D.

      I'm already fixing Crysis the fix is comming...wait a few days.

    2. Hey thanks for working on Crysis 2, I've been waiting ages for a 3D fix so that's great to hear! I'm tempted to start playing 3 but I'll be a bit more patient and wait for your fix for 2 first. Thanks!

  2. Hi
    Could post the instructions for installing the files from the download ? I'm a big fan of your work. You guys are awesome and should be paid by nVidia. Cheers

  3. Hi
    Could you post the instructions for installing the files from the download ? I'm a big fan of your work. You guys are awesome and should be paid by nVidia. Cheers

  4. Thanks a lot Guys...
    Finally you mannaged to get us REAL 3D in the Cryengine...
    And it works like a charm, but I had to crank all settings down to high, to get a fluid experience...
    I dont see any problems with that though ??

    I have been praying for this day to come for a very long time..
    Thumps up - you Guys really rocks

    I7 4800 GHZ - single GTX 970

    1. I fix others settings also, but mainly focus on Very High, try to use SHADING and WATER in VERY HIGH at least......that will reduce the chance to found an issue. And if you found one, you can upload your save game here and i can take a look.

      Also MSAA is demanding in this game, so you can lowering that.

  5. Thank you so much for the instructions :D
    This is so awesome like a dream come true. I was so disappointed with the fake 3D that shipped with Crysis 3 - also in Crysis 2 and both were given an excellent 3D Vision regardless. nVidia should be paying some serious respects to you for your incredible work. Cheers

  6. this community never fails to amaze me. long live the site and all the hard work that is put into it!!

  7. WOW. Simply - WOW :) You guys ROCK! :)

  8. You make my day a TON happier! I wish you had SLI, because now I have a SLI config. Anyway... I'll give a try with single card.

    1. mihabolil reported that reducing OBJECT to Medium and use SHADOWS in High help with SLI can try that.

  9. Thanks DHR (and DarkStarSword) for once again doing what Nvidia will not (or cannot!). It's so much appreciated, and wow does it transform this otherwise pretty mediocre game!

  10. oh I seeing right?!?
    I love all 3 crysis games(the 1st the most), you are SUPER awesome by achieving this!!!!!!!
    thank you so much!!


  11. huge problem, idk if it´s only me, but i installed windows 10, and now every game with your mod in it crashes, and if there is already a fix for that, i couldn't find it. (and since ONLY your mods made true 3D for many games, i don´t want too loose them cause OS incompatibility)

  12. Looks great, works flawless, I have 1 GTX 980 TI and it is not enough in 720p sometimes.

    1 issue: visor hud elements, target icons are at wrong depth. If I look at an enemy, I can see triangle on both sides (on the left and on the right as well) far away from the enemy itself.

    1. In the d3dx.ini file change the 1.3 value in the w iniparams:

      w = 1.3 // HUD


      w = 0.1 // HUD

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  14. I have this issue if I set high convergence. As I lower the convergence the issue is disappearing.

  15. thank you, 3DV people

  16. May be it's only mine problem, but at the driver setting "Depth Ammount" values more than 30% far objects (like barrels, displays, boxes, etc.) are disapearing and returns only when I am approaching to them.

    1. Haven't seen this problem with other people, so it's likely unique to your setup.

      That sounds like pop-in, not sure why depth would matter to that. First thing to try would be a fully clean driver install using DDU.

    2. Looks like there's a typo in the d3dx.ini - find the line that says ";[TextureOverrideDepthRead]" and remove the semicolon from the start. @DHR can you update the fix with this change?

    3. File updated!
      I don't know why the previous version have the semicolon...the file in my game folder don't have that semicolon, that's the ini i include.

      @neo vad, download the fix again....if the issue persist, try install drivers with DDU.

    4. I've removed semicolon and tested this problem in place of game where it had appeared at 100% cases. And all OK. Thanks a lot. I had to play with uncomfortable levels of convergence.

  17. When installing the patch, my game is only playable when lowering the the depth to absolut minimum and the Hud+Weapon ist drifting nealy out of the Monitor left and right. Both pictures are drifting to much left and right. What's wrong? Ingame 3D is deaktivatet.

  18. You will want to lower the convergence (enable advanced key bindings in the control panel first, then ctrl+f5) until the weapon is comfortable to look at, and you might want to play around with the HUD settings in the d3dx.ini to move the crosshair for your preferences.

  19. Hi,

    first of all many thanks for that patch, 3D looks great with it!

    However, I have some problem. Today, the game crashed for me, and from that point on I could not start it again. When I click the shortcut, Origin starts and the Crysis 3 spalsh screen occurs, then after five seconds or so I hear a low clicking noise from the speakers and nothing more happens.

    I re-booted a couple of times. I even followed that strange tip that tells you to delete the Program Data\Electronic Arts folder and change the computer name (!) but it does not help. I also let it repair from the Origin client twice.

    I noticed that the game starts without the helixmod patch installed. Does anybody have an idea how to fix it?

    1. Strange that it was working and now fails. That suggests something wrong with settings. Maybe try to reset the settings back to defaults, and make sure the game resolution is same as screen resolution. Make sure no overlays are loading. All else fails, would be worth clean reinstalling driver. Driver can very occasionally do the same settings problem.

    2. Thanks, I will try that. I did not change any setting -- do you mean in-game setting or helixmod settings (somewhat in the ini file maybe)? And do you mean Nvidia drivers or the helixmod patch that I should re-install? I re-installed the helix patch already (including the ini that came with it), it did not help.

      I checked the Origin client also last week, in-game overlay is disabled as it should be.

    3. OK I somehow solved it. I tried everything except re-installing the Nvidia driver. Nothing helped, and I guess re-installing the driver would have neiter. I am able to play any other game incl. Crysis 2 with helixmod installed, but not Crysis 3 after it crashed last week.

      The thing that helped was: run it in Windows 8 compatibility mode (I am on Windows 10). Do not ask me why it ran before without that compatibility mode, I am sure I never configured it that way. But now this is the only way to make it run. Strange.

      Thanks for the help, however ;)

    4. Glad you got it working, and thanks for letting us know how you fixed it.

    5. Same problem, without solving it.
      Installed fix in bin32 folder and tried to start, nothing happens like mentioned before.
      First i thought its an windows 10 problem, but game start with original bin 32 folder normal with fake 3d.
      So is it an problem with origin or the fix?
      Compatibility Windows Vista to Windwos 8 does not work for me, Origin Overlay is disabled.
      Some ideas? Thx

  20. Thank you for tis fix. I have a problem with screen space reflections because i can see them only in one eye. What i have to do or change in the configuration? My System: INTEL i7-5820K Six Core @ 4,5 GHz; 16GB DDR4 RAM; MSI X99S MPower, Intel X99, 8x DDR4 DIMM; NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X - 12GB (no SLI user). Is it possible to deactivate all reflections in game?
    I have the same problem in Dying Light

  21. I use Wondows7 home 64bit. Is its possible that in the Nvidia-Settings SLI is activated and i have no second graphic card?

  22. Wow I finally tried this and disabled the fake 3d it comes with. What an great improvement.. Going to play around with the convergence it seems to be resetting when I aim. Had to dial down a couple settings since I'm playing at 1440p (980 ti) but it looks great so far. It is worth coming back to after all this time now!

    1. Some drivers versions have different profiles, the not saving convergence problem is related to whatever profile you are using. If you duplicate it or use a different one, you'll be able to save convergence.

  23. When I try to start Crysis 3 with the fix, the "Crysis3.exe" appears in task manager for a couple of seconds and suddenly disappear without starting/error etc. Without fix it starts fine. I disable all overlays and already tried compatibility modes. Any further suggestions?

    1. My Rig:

      OS: Windows 10 64-bit
      CPU: I7 6800K
      MB: Asus Rampage V E10
      GPU: EVGA GTX1080 SC SLI
      RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX CL14 DDR4-2400

  24. When I play without installing the fix it activates the driver mode, but when I apply the fix it is disabled, even though the 3d effect works.

    With this correction enabled I have many lags, but anyone with this problem?

    1. Just tried this again, using Origin version, and was working OK. If our HelixMod fix is not installed, then the game will revert to the built-in 3D, which is fake 3D. That's what you are seeing there. When the fix is installed, we force the game to use geometry 3D instead. As the instructions note- you don't want to be using the in-game 3D. Seems to be working OK in my tests.

      I'm seeing some stalls in the video when in 3D. I'm not sure what those are, but will look a bit more.

    2. Digging around some, seems like the stalls are game specific since release. Looks like texture loading to me, as a given spot will be OK the next time I visit.

      Setting the "r_TexturesStreamPoolSize = 2048" in the system.cfg file seems to fix the problem for me.

  25. I installed the 3D Fix Manager program and he warned that Riva Tunner could cause lags in this game, so I closed Riva tunner and ran well, no more lags.

    Now there are only three things that bother me.

    1 - At any depth level some ghost images appear in the same eye. (this can be noticed in the main menu of the game where it says to press "x" or "B" (for those who are playing with xbox 360 control)). The "X" and "B" stay with these ghosts.

    2 - I have difficulties in the targets (triangles in the enemies) that when defining the ideal convervengia they are duplicated.

    3 - In some Cutscenes some people have their faces doubled (no 3d glasses effect).

    Besides these 3 things I really liked the 3D correction for the game, I just found out now and reinstalled the game just because of it. Congratulations!

  26. I forgot to say that in 2 this does not solve for me:

    - "o" key for cycling through different depth for Crosshair and Target icons