Sunday, August 2, 2015

Next Car Game : Wreckfest [DX11]

3DMigoto 3D Vision DX11 Fix

Fix created and submitted by InsaneInGame

Fix parameters:
- Fixed 2d rendered smoke & fire effects
- Moved overall HUD (menu system, general HUD elements) to depth
- Added 2 convergence presets to the "J" key and "left stick button (L3)" for xbox360 gamepad
  (preset #1 is made for high convergence "chase cam view near and far")
  (preset #2 is made for lower convergence "cockpit cam view")

Issues to be resolved (future updates):
- HUD nametags are at the same depth as the other HUD elements
- Some skidmarks (in close up view) seems to be floating a little above the terrain/ground
- Minor haloing around the smoke in certain angles

Download this RAR file and extract the contents into the directory "..\Bugbear Entertainment\"
Start the game from Steam. Right click and run "Play Next Car Game: Wreckfest (DX11 64-bit EXPERIMENTAL!"

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