Monday, August 31, 2015

Satellite Reign [DX9]

Last Updated:  July, 3, 2016

What this mod does:
- Fixes various haloing, lights & reflection issues
- Pushes HUD & UI into depth. Press the 'Caps Lock' key to make the HUD & UI screen depth.
- Adds two convergence presets to the 'Tab' key. Also, if the lights look incorrect when the map is initially loaded, press 'Tab'.

Remaining Issues:
- Mouse Cursor is screen depth

- Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the directory that has the game's EXE file.

     For the Steam version:
     1)  In your Steam library, right click on "Satellite Reign" and select "Properties"
     2)  Click "Set Launch Options"
     3)  In the box, type -force-d3d9 and click "Ok"

     For the Non-Steam version:
     1)  Run the game using the included shortcut "Satellite Reign- Helixmod.bat"

Made this using DarkStarSword's Unity template.
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    1. Thanks for the fix 4everAwake - it Works great !!

    2. Has this all of a sudden been broken? fix is kicking in but the reflections and lighting looks completely wrong and the hud is at screen-depth. I went over and over carefully in the installation instructions but it seems to not be working

      1. I just updated the fix. Let me know if you have any other issues.

    3. Hello there.
      I tried your fix sometime ago and it used to work perfectly. Thank you for this.
      But I just reloaded the game, and now, the render is completely broken.

      Fog, light and reflexions looks completely wrong.
      The tab key change the convergence but the capslock key dont do anything.

      I tried to change all options in the game, nothing changed. I am in directx 9.

      meanwhile, the game was updated. Maybe it's because of that.

      Any Idea ?

      1. Hi. Thank you for the update. I verified the fix was indeed out of date. So I updated the the fix for the most recent game version. Let me know if you run into any more issues.

      2. Dude, I love you !
        Everythings look fine again.
        Thank you very much.

        Just for you to know.
        The .bat works even with the steam version.
        Clickin the play button in the steam client and chose "launch directx 9 version" also works.
        But the -force-d3d9 launch option did not work for me.

        And I noticed that when I press the "²" key, reflection and light artefacts appears.
        pressing the "²" key again bring back everything to normal

        Anyway, this is perfect, I' am very happy you fixed this, and so quickly !
        Thank you again, Bye.

      3. Another issue : some lines render at screen depth when using the 'World Scan' ability

    4. This fix can be used to fix the messed up HUD in the game LOKI !

    5. I am new to Helixmod so thank you for all your work with this game 4everAwake. I am seeing the lighting all off I think, is this just me or is there currently problems with the rendering in 3d?

      1. I just tried the fix with the most recent game version and it works for me. Pressing the 'Tab' key should fix the lighting when in-game.

      2. I really appreciate your work on this and taking the time to respond. It's fantastic after pressing tab, sorry I missed that!