Thursday, September 24, 2015

Assault Android Cactus

Last Updated:  July, 4, 2016

What this mod does:
- Fixes various haloing & lighting issues
- Moves HUD & UI to a more comfortable depth.
- Adds two convergence presets on the 'Tab' key. (Use the higher preset for some boss battles).
- Adds a low convergence preset on the 'Caps Lock' key. (Use this for cutscenes & for the main menu)

- Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the game's directory. (For example:  "..\Steam\steamapps\Common\Assault Android Cactus)

Made this using DarkStarSword's Unity template.
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    1. Looks great! Will pick this one up soon, thanks.

    2. Just picked this game up today! I'm running into a couple issues:

      Some lighting effects like shadows definitely look off. Would an update to the game prevent these shader fixes from working?
      For some reason, when I run the game it usually opens in the wrong resolution, so 3DTV won't kick in. Even though the res is set to 1280x720 in the game, it'll open to the next lowest resolution my display supports (1176x664).

      Any ideas on how to fix these things?

      1. Hi. I just updated the fix for the current game version. For your resolution issues, I'm not sure what the problem could be. Are you using 3DTV play? Perhaps someone on the Geforce/3D Vision forums could be of better help as I'm currently not using 3DTV play.

      2. Thanks! Those work great. This game looks pretty rad in 3D.

        I managed to get around the resolution issue by pressing alt+enter at just the right time when the game's starting up. It seems like they're doing some goofy stuff on startup to try to detect your resolution.

        I am indeed using 3DTV play. I'm pretty new to PC stereoscopy. What method do you use? 3D Vision?