Tuesday, September 15, 2015

State of Decay Year One (DX11)

Update May-18:
- Re-fix the game due a game update.
- Add SBS/TB Support

- Shadows
- Lights
- Halos in effects (decals, water, smoke, fog, lights, others)
- Decals
- Sky/Stars
- Sun Beams
- HUD/Crosshair depth adjustable

- "TAB" key  and "XPAD UP" (from Xbox controller) reset the HUD and Crosshair to screen depth for intercative menus. Have a delay of 300ms for cycle.

Know issues:
- Some reflections in enemies during sunset looking opposite to sun.

SBS/TB mode:
- To enable this modes remove the ";" from ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. By default the game will start in TB. Press F11 to cycle.

Extract where the exe is located



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Special thanks to Flugan for his work on the assembler, used in this fix.


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  2. yeah great game thanks

  3. Got Problems, cant see progressbars when im looting. Also the health bar and stamina isnt there.

    1. I think you're playing with very high convegence....try to press "P" key to cycle throught different HUD depth.
      Also if you can upload screenshot here to see if is another thing.

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    3. Sorry that i dont have screenshots but let me discribe it a bit. The bars are missing while the hud is fine. Pressing p wont get the bars working. During a distraction mission i could see the the background of the bar but it wont show any progress. Same with health and stamina or during looting. I think every animated hud element except the mini map has this issue. The problem ocurs also on every level of convergence. Donst matter that i lowered it to minimum. Any ideas? Btw. Great work. Love this game in 3D!

    4. My bad!...testing the game disabling crosshair i left that shader disabled (bad memory), and is responsable for a few HUD things more. Re-download the fix, now is working properly.

  4. i've been waiting this fix for a long time....one word....thanks!

  5. Hi,
    I cant get this working in steam version. Just extracted next to save as instructed, but the fix doesnt seem to be on. P for example does nothing and shadows are wrong as without the fix. Note sure what can be wrong. Can you please give some advice? Not sure if important but game start as unknow for 3d vision profile.

    1. That sounds like you did not install the fix in the proper folder. It has to be right next to the .exe for the game itself. There are multiple versions of the game, and I don't know the name of the exe for the Steam version. Generally speaking all Steam games are installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\, but there is a lot of variance.

      Find the exe where you can double click it and run the game. That will be the spot.

    2. Hi bo3b,

      Thanks for advise, but I'm quite sure it is in the correct folder - "G:\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay YOSE"
      next to StateOfDecay.exe. Wish I would be proved wrong :( I tried running from that exe directly.
      Not sure if can matter, but i had also old version of state of decay installed, and i have multiple steam folders (4 - one per disk).

  6. Hi bo3b,

    Thanks for advise, but I'm quite sure it is in the correct folder - "G:\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay YOSE"
    next to StateOfDecay.exe. Wish I would be proved wrong :( I tried running from that exe directly.
    Not sure if can matter, but i had also old version of state of decay installed, and i have multiple steam folders (4 - one per disk).

    1. Jonas...if you extract the fix next to StateofDecay.exe is correct.
      I don't have the DX9 version, only DX11.....so maybe the game is launching the DX9 version perhaps? Try install only the YOSE version and try

    2. Hi DHR,

      Now i have only YOSE version and the everything extracted next to it.
      3x dll 1x bat 1x ini
      and the folder ShaderFixes next to it.
      Only thing that got rewriten by your version during "installation" is d3dcompiler_46.dll.
      After start of exe directly from folder game starts 3d bumps in - game not rated by Nvidia corp and 3d is runnig but is broken - strange auras next to persons etc. exactly same as without the fix. "P" key is not doing anything.
      Cant there be something hardocoded for different path or some old registry setting taken from old version of state of deay?
      I can try reinstall yose fresh since old is out of computer too now. I would like to debug this but not sure what to look for.
      Can I set something in the ini to be sure if something is changed or not?
      Will appreciate any advise.

    3. Ah. The auras around the character are Compatibility Mode. You need to disable that because it conflicts with our fix. Ctrl-Alt-F11 with Advanced Settings enabled in NVidia Control Panel. Use Ctrl-Alt-Ins to see which mode it's in.

    4. I thought it may be the case, but it seems it not. Ctrl-alt-F11 does not change anything (i have advanced keys on correctly).
      Nvidia information does not say anything about compatibility mode, still just claiming that game not rated. I even dont think it is compatibility - usually that look otherwise, this seems like real 3d but with wrong shadows etc.

      I tried clean install of drivers to see if i havent messed up nvidia profiles last time i was setting up 3d for something else.
      I can try to create some profile but i cant see how to convince my computer to use it.

      the profle looks like this at the moment:
      Profile "State of Decay"
      ShowOn GeForce
      ProfileType Application
      Executable "stateofdecay.exe"
      Setting ID_0x0095def9 = 0x00000002
      Setting ID_0x1033cec1 = 0x00000003
      Setting ID_0x1033dcd2 = 0x00000004
      Setting ID_0x1095def8 = 0x02402005

      When you are starting it, does it recognise the game or this fix works even when not recognised? Do you have latest Nvidia driver and state of decay patches from steam?

    5. Tried to turn on calls=1; input=1 in the ini.
      Log seems to indicate the fix is actually on (as far as i read it)

      Only strange thing there was:
      HackerDevice::CreateVertexShader called with BytecodeLength = 1040, handle = 22C00454, ClassLinkage = 00000000
      bytecode hash = bb8a7d621f20eeef
      shader registered for possible reloading: bb8a7d621f20eeef_vs as bin
      returns result = 0, handle = 1CD6272C
      ******* Exception caught while calculating crc32c_hw hash ******
      ******* Exception caught while calculating crc32c_hw hash ******
      ******* Exception caught while calculating crc32c_hw hash ******
      ******* Exception caught while calculating crc32c_hw hash ******

      Maybe the fix should look like this but it is not at all like in those nice screenshots on this page. Shadows are wrong.

      Is there something i should try to find in the log?

    6. Just purchase in steam the game and the fix don't works anymore. I have the same problem that Jonas....:(

    7. @Anonymous, Jonas
      Just test the game again with the 359.06 version of the driver. Also i have the steam version of the game and the game is running fine (i have the game not rated by nvidia message, but is not a problem)

      Try to run the game un "fullscreen"... i don't know what's the issue.
      If you are using SLI, try disable it and test.

  7. hello DHR, i just tried also, i have the same problem. i'm using the last Geforce 361.43
    i tried SLI & non-SLI, that's the same thing.

    the patch doesn't work. i use Windows 10 x64 with 2x GTX 980 16 Gb Ram.

    1. Maybe is something related to win10....i'm using win7 64bits without issues.
      I don't know what else to try.

    2. I dont have Win 10 but I also have GTX 980 - alas only one :) so no SLI.
      I understand that when you can't reproduce the problem on your setup there is only little you can do.(not that you would be oblidged to do something anyway)

    3. Jonas, since you were getting a log with it, that means the d3d11 is being loaded and working. That suggests something is off with your computer, as it works for DHR under similar configuration. Try doing the DDU reinstall of the drivers. We've seen multiple instances where the drivers have been corrupted while in use, causing fixes to stop loading. Try the 359.06 driver to match DHR's setup.

  8. mmmh finally the patch is working. In fact, in the settings, we have to move the cursor on "NO" in full screen, et re-put on "YES" to activate, and put CTRL+T because the 3DVision is non-active by default.

    the problem is there are always "ghosts" on twice sides of characters. and it's disturbing to play. If i increase or decrease the convergence (F5 / F6), that's the same thing :(

  9. Hi DHR, I finally bought the game to try it with your fix, and I realise that I have the same problems as the three people that posted here. (GreatXerox has the same problem, although he mentions the patch is working. He's symptoms indicate that it is in fact not working)
    Pressing P does nothing, and the characters have some double outlines, as the others have mentioned.
    I DDU-ed my drivers, I tested SLI and non-SLI, Win7. The only thing I don't remember is whether I made sure it launches in DX11, but I think I might have added a command option to the exe on Steam.

    This is really strange, for a fix to not trigger, and only for one game.
    Do you have any idea?
    In the past, I remember that some of the Helix fixes posted here were missing the main dll which I had to download separately. I'll see if this is not the case here.
    Thank you again for your awesome contributions, DHR. In case you have an idea please let me know.
    If anyone else can let me know if they can run this, I could at least blame my setup, but it's very strange that three people that tried the fix here seem to not make it trigger.
    Thanks again

    1. Zappologist/Great xerox /Jonas
      Can you enable Hunting = 1 in the d3dx.ini to see if 3Dmigoto is loading in the game. You should see the green overlay of 3Dmigoto. If the green overlay is not showed, make sure the game is running in DX11.

      Also try the game using ultra settings and try with 720p resolution (for testing). I play this game in 720p. I never see a game create different sets of shaders with different resolution, but i need to discard.

      I hope any of this things work for you guys

  10. Thank you for the reply DHR
    With hunting switched on, the wrapper is active, I can cycle shaders. But pressing P does nothing, and all shadows are broken , plus the character double outlines/halos.
    Nothing is corrected, the shadow shaders are all wrong, as if the correction folder is empty. But more strange is that your customised convergence toggle with "P" does not work, as if some wrapper functions are not activated.

    I don't want you to spend more time on this, I've only paid like 7 eur during the sales (granted, I would not have paid once cent without the fix).
    But it's the first time this happens to me, not to be able to activate a fix. I've tried them all, almost :-)
    Also, I don't know if that's a hint about the issue or not, but I get the Nvidia 3D recommendations every time I start the game, as if there is a problem with the profile not saving or something. But I've changed the drivers with DDU recently, so I don't think this is a problem.
    Thanks again

    1. Zappologist
      Can you replace the d3d11.dll and nvapi64.dll for the ones from 3Dmigoto 1.2.31 (last)

      it's very strange that you can see the 3Dmigoto overlay but not shaders is loaded. If "P" key don't do nothing is because the shader related to the HUD is not loaded.

      If changing the dll don't work you can try using the "hook" features using the last version of 3Dmigoto.

  11. The fix does not have nvapi64.dll, just a nvapi.dll.
    Anyway, I copied over these two files from the lates 3Dmigoto, and nothing changes, game is broken beyond belief.
    It does not look like this is a very popular game with 3D vision players, so I think it's safe to assume looking at the comments here that the latest 4 people who tried the fix did not make it work. It would be too big a coincidence that the culprit is our setup, especially since all other games and fixes work.

    I give up for the time being. Pity, since the game seems interesting to play. I love single player RPGs. Not ready to dive in Fallout4 yet :-)
    Thanks for your efforts, DHR!

    1. Two more things I could try, if you guys think it's worth it.
      - Reinstall DirectX. Maybe it can get corrupted as well, and I don't think it gets refreshed/reinstalled when changing drivers.
      - Start teh game after I delete GameOverlayRenderer64.dll from Steam (although I think this usually totally prevents games from launching with the wrapper, so might not be the issue here)

      Maybe I'll try this tonight.
      If anyone can install the game (very short download) and confirm it's working or not, it would encourage me to keep experimenting.

    2. Zappologist
      Uninstall the fix using the bat file. Install again and replace the 32bits dll (d3d11.dll and nvapi.dll) from the 1.2.31 version of 3Dmigoto.

      The other thing you can try is to enable hunting (hunting=1) and hunt the crosshair vertex shader (until disappear) and dump that shader with NUMPAD 6...post the hash # of the shader to see if the same of the fix.

      Don't reinstall directx....this game is 32bits, so you can try deleting the GameOverlayRender.dll

    3. Thanks DHR, I've tried everything you suggested but the 3D is still broken.
      I've hunted the crosshair VS by holding right mouse and cycling with num5, and when it disappeared I marked it with num6. It created the following files in the ShaderFixes folder:
      b6552c580184ac9d-vs.jps , b6552c580184ac9d-vs_replace.bin , b6552c580184ac9d-vs_replace.txt
      I guess the hash is b6552c580184ac9d
      Please let me know if you find anything suspicious

    4. The hash # is different....the shader where i fix the crosshsair is 016d4a6e418198fe-vs_replace and that shader is not in the fixed folder. Can you upload the .txt and .jps file here of the b6552c580184ac9d hash to compare.

    5. Finally something that makes sense, and that explains why nobody was able to make it work lately.
      They changed the bloody shader hash!

      I've saved those files on Filedropper, here are the links:

      Does this mean that you need to redo the whole fix, to make it work?

    6. 2 things:

      1) The shader attached is the same as the one i fix the crosshair, but with different hash #. I don't know why happens this. I check my games was updated, and the other thing different is i always move my games to another drive/directory (instead the steam default), but that never caused problems with the fixes. The other thing that come to my mind is if you have the DX9 version installed previously and update to DX11....maybe something change there....i never have the DX9 version.

      With those new hash #, the fix have to be done again....but i don't see that different hash #, so i can't do. I don't know what else to do in my end to replicate that.

      2) The jps attached is flat, no 3D on it. Also the image have some lines crossed, this is not normal even without the fix. do you see the same? (i download the jps 3 times, because i tought that the image download with errors, but no)...maybe this indicate something else in the game render.

    7. 1) I never owned any other version, I bought Year One directly when I saw it on sale, because I remembered reading about your fix and how much you enjoyed the game

      2) Yes indeed, the jps is not 3D and it has some lines as if corrupted. I did not think it was strange, because I almost never use shader hunting. I have no idea what could be wrong in the game render.

      But if the hash# are different, that at least explains why so many people cannot make it work. Maybe it's one of those games that change the hash depending on installation path.
      Thank you for helping me with the investigation. I think this is one of those fights you don't win.
      I'll keep an eye out to see if this happens with other games, and I'll even try shader hunting elsewhere, to see if the jps is still flat. But I will not bother you with the details anymore, this game is not worthy of your attention when there are so many other things demanding your time.
      Thank you again for your great contributions. I'm looking forward to buying Dying Light and trying your fix.

    8. Zappologist
      The game looks flat (no 3D) and with those lines also? or is only happen when you take a screenshot?

      if is happen in the game, there is something different in the render....In my end without the fix the game run in 3D (with issues of course) without those line crossed.

  12. No, the games has 3D. The same broken 3D, with or without the fix installed. Here is a screenshot:
    The flat picture only happens when I press num6 to mark a shader.

    I've reinstalled the game to see if it creates shaders with good hash, but it's the same. Maybe I need to create the same folder tree as you, as a last test scenario?

    1. Zappologist
      I uninstall and install the game and now i have the same issue...i suppose steam decide to don't update my game to the last update, even when marked to mantain updated (second time this happens to me). I think that last update change all the shaders hashes.

      I have to redo the fix again...i don't know when i will look again, but is in my to do list and you will be the firt to know when is ready.

    2. Hey DHR, glad you finally discovered what it was. I really hate the feeling when you investigate something and cannot find the answer :-)

      Please don't feel that you need to redo the fix just for me, unless you have some automation and it doesn't take more than one hour or something. There are other games more worthy of your talents.
      In any case, thank you very much for taking the time to solve this mystery, and for all your awesome fixes.

  13. here it is atm


    with hunting = 1

    with 3Dmigoto-1.2.35

  14. the link seem dead, any chance for reupload the file, thank you.

    1. Just checked the link, and it was working OK. Maybe try again, refresh your cached page with Ctrl-F5.

    2. yes sorry, it work now, thank you.