Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns

Fix Resolves:

  • New action camera cross-hair pushed to depth.
  • Removed broken target rings
  • Removed IMO useless 2D life-bar texture indicators for world completion, level scaling etc
  • Updated original fix to work with new 64 bit client and latest helix dll to resolve memory issues
  • Updated for more reasonable default UI depth setting to work with 100% separation
  • Removed Sweetfx dependency of original fix.
  • Ultra Shadows are no longer a problem. (Anet resolved)
  • Fix designed for Surround configurations but should work just as well on a single screen.
Remaining issues:
  • Map tied to 3D mouse convergence.
  • Some lighting/shadow issues in a few rare areas with expansion visual update. (rare and not game breaking) May improve with an update later. More prolific in HOT Verdant Brink Map
  • Finishers area in UI overlays a weird ground texture when entering. Suggest temporarily switching 3D off when selecting a finisher. 
  • Some expansion cut scenes are not 3D/At depth
  • Note I haven't seen the whole game as it's so vast, so there maybe a few other things.
  1. Update your game to use 64 bit client. files and instructions available on your Anet account login page, and run the game once from the 64 bit client to create the necessary folders.
  2. In game set Shaders to Medium. Everything else can be to your choosing.  (Anet broke support when adding new visual updates for high shaders, visual impact trade-off is relatively minimal), and log out.
  3. Download this Archive and extract contacts into your guild wars 2 directory where the games .exe exists. Merge folders / Overwrite if asked.
  4. Run the game from 64bit clients executable
  5. Recommend fresh installation using only this archive but overwriting old fix should work.
Heart of Thorns Expansion is not Required. 

  • Set separation to 100%
  • When first in game open the map and set convergence (CTRL + F5, F6) to a level to play the game and be able to comfortably use the map. The icons have pop out, and too aggressive convergence settings will offset them. Press F7 to save
  • Game is set by default to the first preset. (Num 1) The other presets work  as per original fix 0, 1, 2, 3 with Num 0 at screen depth, and have left them to honor this but I haven't changed them as I find them unwieldy with the UI.
  • Strongly recommend playing this in the new action mode it makes the game much more enjoyable. and removes the need for the target rings. Toggle can be configured in game key-binds. May need to modify some game targeting options to make it comfortable. But I think its far superior.
It is possible to apply the fix to the 32bit client so let me know in the comments if you need help with this, but I don't recommend it unless you absolutely have too. The game has been crashing for me in 32bit.

I would say it could practically be considered to be 3D ready again, may clean up remaining issues over time.

Fix by Eincrou, Necropants and 3d4dd with special thanks to DarkStarSword and 4everAwake. 


  1. Thanks a ton Necropants and everyone else. I've been anxiously waiting for this fix!

  2. No Problem. By the way if the Crosshair depth can be adjusted if you feel the need.

    In Shaderoveride folder open 2F6B0C83 with notepad++
    Look for this file:
    def c224, 0, 1, 0.0625, 0.9

    0.9 is the crosshair depth, you can experiment with this value if desired. I feel 0.9 is a good place for max depth.

  3. Thank you for you great work!

  4. I use Reshade to enhance the terrible colours of the game. It already has a d3d9.dll, what do I do? Do I have to pick between Reshade and the 3D fix?

    1. You should in theory be able to add a Prox library line to the dxsettting.ini in the general section. But I am happy with the colors and run in surround so I was trying to reduce performance impact for this fix.

      something like.

      ProxyLib =

      you will probably have to rename the reshade dll to something else and you'll likely also need to put a copy in the bin folder.

    2. it removed my editing, but you want to add the location of the reshader dll to the end for the proxlib line.
      I haven't tested this. But you can look at an example of the original fixes Dx.ini to get an idea since it was using sweet fx. It probably very similar.

  5. New game update went online today. It introduced some PVP icons above player's name that's not properly rendered in depth.

    1. This annoys me. lol. In this case it's a little tricky to fix cause none of my friends play pvp. If you have these flags and have some time to help me fix. (bascially stay logged in in a barren spot while i hunt the shaders I can disable them.)

  6. The client gives me an fc with installed mod -_-

    1. I got it. On Win 10 I had to install "DirectX 9 redist" Pack to get the mod working.
      But I still got a small problem. Pressing Ctrl+F5,F6 changes nothing. Only the Num Keys are working

    2. Have you enabled the Advanced In-Game Settings under Set Keyboard Shortcuts in Nvidia Control Panel?

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  8. When I use this with Overwolf, my mouse cursor disappears whenever I move it over any part of the Overwolf UI. Is it possible for me to tweak any settings to get them to play nicely together?

  9. Hi Im trying to use this fix but I have a problem, Whenever I enter the game (or even if a press the win key and go back to it) the settings go back to the default state you gave them. So as much as i try to adjust convergence and separation, and then save (i do get the saved profile message) it does not save at all.
    PD: Do you really play with a 100% separation? It literaly heart my eyes to even look it for a few second :P
    Thank u!

  10. Sorry people, I haven't played this game for a long time so I kind of forgot to keep up with this thread.
    Yes I really do play at 100% depth. How could you not? mind I play all my games like this, if it hurts you I would suggest you are not using the advanced convergence settings quite right. trick is to align your character around screen depth.

    As for overwolf, this is the first time I have heard of it. Is it a custom UI?

  11. Thank you for this, it is still an amazing looking game and it looks even better in 3d. Double cursor issue experienced but it is not game breaking.

  12. Also it tabs me out to desktop every few minutes but comes back into the game by itself....weird one....

    1. I believe this is a driver/system problem in windows 10 as i have had the same issue, repair of the OS fixed it for me, but I was experiencing it in all games

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  14. Hey, just curious if anyone here is still playing this game. I have a weird issue. The game still plays fine in 3d But when I first load into a map things are way off. Shadows, ground target and such do not line up for both eyes. I have found that changing a graphic setting that causes the ui to reload will fix it, until I move to a new map. Toggling vsync, or toggling dpi scaling both seem to work. Note its doesn't seem to matter if those are on or off, just toggling them fixes it.

    1. Turns out I don't even have to change a setting. Just alt-tab out and back in fixes it. But, I have to do this everytime I change maps. Weird, and very annoying! Anyone else have this issue?