Sunday, November 1, 2015

House of Caravan

What this mod does:
- Fixes various haloing issues.
- Fixes an issue where various UI elements had too much depth
- Pushes crosshair & text below crosshair into depth
- Adds an auto-convergence feature for puzzles

  1. Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the directory that has the game's exe file.
  2. Use Nvidia Inspector to assign the game's EXE to the profile "3D-Hub Player". (For instructions on how to assign profiles, see this guide)
  3. Run the game and in the option menu, change your game resolution so that it matches your desktop resolution (If you want to game at 1600x900, your desktop resolution must also be 1600x900). 
  4. Once you are in the game world (after the first cutscene) press the 'Caps Lock' key and adjust the depth & convergence to your liking. 
  5. Press 'F7' to save your settings.

Made this using DarkStarSword's Unity template.
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