Thursday, December 31, 2015

Laserlife [DX9]

What this mod does:
- Fixes haloing & lighting issues
- Fixes an issue where some HUD elements had too much depth
- Adds 2 convergence presets on the 'Tab' key.
- (If needed) Adds a low convergence preset on the 'Caps Lock' key

1)  Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the game's directory.
2)  Use Nvidia Inspector to assign the game's EXE to the profile "3D-Hub Player". (For instructions on how to assign profiles, see this guide)
3)  Run the game using the included custom shortcut "Laserlife- Helixmod.bat"
4)  In the Option Menu, ensure that your game resolution matches your desktop resolution (If you want to play at 1600x900, your desktop resolution must also be 1600x900, for example). 

Made this using DarkStarSword's Unity template.
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    1. hi, I did all the steps but, the game still seems windowed and 3D won't kick in--has anyone run into this problem by chance? Thank you for posting this by the way! I'm excited to play it.

      1. Hi. In the NVIDIA Control Panel, under "Select when the display is in 3D mode:" select "Always" or "Only while 3D programs run".

        Another thing you can try is to right click the game in your Steam library. Click "Properties". Click on "Set Launch Options" and in the field, type "-force-d3d9" (without the quotes) and Click "Ok"

        Let me know if these solve your issue or not.

      2. thank you so much for responding! It wasn't working on my 3D projector before, but then I tried my ASUS monitor and it ended up working even without changing settings. I'll definitely keep your method in mind for a few other games that haven't kicked in yet. cheers!