Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hitman Absolution (DX11)

Update 01-17:
- Add support for MSAA 2x (still need FXAA disable).

This fix will disable the 3D game render, so if you are the gamer that never played this game because of the stereo option greyed out.....this will work now in real 3D and use the Nvidia shortcuts to adjust convergence.

- Disable the 3D game render and use the nvidia 3D automatic mode
- Shadows
- Lights
- Halos in effects like lights, water, fog, smoke, fire, dust.
- Reflections (see know issues for more detail)
- Crosshair at fixed depth when aiming
- Target icons at fixed depth when aiming

Know issues:
- I fix Shadows (1 pattern) and lights (3 patterns), but there is 1 pattern for light that produce a cut-off in the light at certain distance and direct view angle, don't look good when happens....i already fix the VS and the PS in 2 spots....i don't know what happens with that effect.
- Reflections on glass (windows and coups for example) and some waters have some nasty Halo s**t, i disable the effect so now they look black. Is not that bad. i'm still looking to fix, but is a hard one.
- Reflecions on some surface (not all) and mirrors are not accurate, so may look strange...specially in mirrors.

Use this In-game options:
- MSAA 8x or MSAA 2x and Disable FXAA
- AO Normal (i disable AO with this setting, is a total mess)
- Disable Motion Blur and DOF
- All others option you can Max out

- I fix shadows and ligts using MSAA 8x and FXAA off, if you use another AA combo, shadows and lights will be all wrong. The performance in this game is very good (is a 2012 game), so i don't fix lower settings.
- "P" key for recommended convergence value.....or you can use the convergence you want using the nvidia shortcuts.
- "O" key when you use the sniper (lower the convergence)
- "I" key when you use hide, if you use a high convergence (lower the convergence)
- "O" and "I" key will be update when 3Dmigoto will support scene detection, so we can make this automatic.
- This was tested with the steam version and game updated, if the game is not updated may not work.

- Extract where the .exe is located



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  1. Thank you so much for this 3d fix!

  2. Thx for the effort but too much FPS hit in MSAAx8 for 980TI !! down to 25 FPS in the prologue !
    MSAAx4 would have been perfect

    1. I'm planning to add support for MSAA 2x.....but i don't have to much time lately.
      In the meantime you can reduce resolution or reduce others settings.

  3. Thx DHR ! You do have a beast to run it at 60 fps and i'm already at 1080p ^^

    1. Is not a beast....i play with 3DTV Play (720p), but the performance is very good (more than 60fps, between 80-90 with vsync off)). Maybe using 1080p in this game the hit from MSAA 8x is bigger using a single GPU. I already fix shadows with MSAA 2x, i need to look lights.

  4. No performance issues with my 980 TI, it never goes beyond 40 fps in the prologue..

    Thanks Again DHR - this is one of my all time favorite games - with your fix it's perfect !!

  5. thx DHR for the MSAA x2 !
    I've got a problem with all water textures (transparence problem i think); they're all black , both MSAA x2 x8 . I tweaked all options : no change .
    Without your D3D11.dll , no issue .

    1. Is written in the second point of know issues....i disable that effect. There is an Halo + bad reflection, i still can't fix that effect.

      "- Reflections on glass (windows and coups for example) and some waters have some nasty Halo s**t, i disable the effect so now they look black. Is not that bad. i'm still looking to fix, but is a hard one."

    2. ok thanks ! It has to be really nasty if this Halo s**t is better than these black holes ! :))

      On a side note, i've just tested the prologue and I wonder if I will continue seeing the weird behavior of NPC .It improves after or everything is like that ?
      Immersion 3D has its bad side :it accentuates the lack of subtlety of the AI mechanics compared to reality ;)

  6. Havent tried it but thanks for your hard work.

  7. There is actually no "Motion Blur" settings in in-game options. How to disable it? Anyway I still see a glow around "47".

    1. Do you mean "Bloom" in stead of Motion Blur? So has "Bloom" to be TURNED OFF?

    2. Sorry....you're right motion blur option don't exist...i don't know why i wrote.
      You can use bloom....only turn off DOF.

    3. Thanks for your reply! What about glow around character?

    4. Also there is a bug: water is black!

    5. The glow around Agent 47 is most likely Compatibility Mode still being on. You want either CM, or our fix, not both. Ctrl-Alt-F11 switches CM to true-3D mode. Look at the green text, it will say what mode.

  8. Thank You DHR! This game works fantastic w/surround, 5960x1080. This is the first "stealth" game I've played and with so many ways to accomplish the "hit", and all the other variables, this game is a blast. Appreciate it :-)

  9. Thank you for all your hard work DHR!
    Its is appreciated!

  10. Why shuch a few people interested in fix for a new hitman game (2016)? All episodes are out now, it's just excelent game!! And so much better than absolution...