Friday, February 8, 2019

Killing Floor 2

2019-02-08 Version 3.0 re-fix

I've really been wanting to fix this game since it first was released. Game was REALLY broken in 3D, and I did not previously have the knowledge to fix it then, but after my other recent fixes I was finally able to come back to this and get this to a nearly flawless 3D experience. Now get to it, those floors gotta get killed!

Haloing effects
Lighting / shadows
HUD (best compromise possible)
Water / smoke / fog
Sun shafts
Specular reflections

Not fixed:
Real-time reflections
Lens flares
HUD still needs some work. Currently twitches during gameplay and not all elements set at same depth

Key functions:
RMB - reduces convergence for better aiming
\ - Disables HUD (good for taking screenshots or if the twitching HUD annoys you)

Update history (new in red):

2019-02-08:  Version 3.0
-Entire remake of fix due to broken compatibility using regex engine.
-Fixed most broken effects, but did not do much work on refixing HUD as of yet

2016-11-22:  Version 2.0
-Entire remake of fix due to broken compatibility. Converted to using bytecode shader hash in hopes of preventing future breaks
-Additionally fixed sun shafts and specular reflections
-Kept HUD adjustment minimal, only adjusted crosshair to be pushed into depth


Download: Version 3.0

Installation: Extract archive to game folder location that contains KFGame.exe. Will be in ...\killingfloor2\Binaries\Win64

Options: Turn off Lens Flares and Realtime Reflections

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  1. D'oh. I fixed the game while in offline mode, naturally. Just played a match online and found the lighting to be broken, so the shaders must be using different CRC's there. Shouldn't be too difficult to nab them between rounds, and I'll get on that tomorrow, but for now hold off on grabbing the fix (unless you want to play in offline mode).

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  2. New 3D Vision Guru? Hello, DJ-RK! And thank you!

    1. Guru? Not quite there yet, just applying thing things I've learned from the real guru's: mike_ar69, DarkStarSword, bo3b, etc... but newest disciple? That's a title I can stand behind. :) And you're very welcome!

    2. I'm very glad that 3D Vision Fixers (aka Gurus) ranks grows! :)

  3. Wow thank you!! I have been waiting for a fix to buy this game. Let us know if you patch the online mode and I will buy this game!! Please try to keep up with it as they go for full release. And thank you very much for working on this game!!!!!

  4. Ok, so it turns out that it wasn't an issue with the shader CRC's, just that one of the shaders had an extra character that must have been added as I was closing it, and it wasn't compiling properly causing it to remain broken. Corrected fix has been uploaded, and everything's good to go.

  5. Amazing!! Thanks so much for this!! I bought the game just because of your fix. Great game, now worth getting because it looks great in 3d with your fix!!

    1. I should keep a tally of how many sales are made from this now being fixed and send Tripwire the bill for my commission! j/k. That's awesome, though, if I make one other person happy from my work, then I consider that time well spent! Enjoy to your heart's content.

  6. Screenshots of this one look rad. Thanks once again! I may well pick this one up sometime, for some mindless shooting.

    Copied and pasted my note from the wishlist page here:

    "I would just like to personally thank ALL of you guys who put in all of this HARD WORK so that we can properly experience these games, games that SHOULD be fixed already. To have looked away, for only a very short while, and checked back here to find so many new fixes is highly refreshing. With Helix and Eqzitara bowing out, I was worried. My worries are allayed for the foreseeable future, apparently. Until VR becomes affordable, or even available, I will keep on digging my setup (and will continue to, VR or no).

    I have currently been playing fixed Dark Souls II, and will for many more's going to take quite the effort [for me] to complete THAT game [especially since I won't be playing online] :-)

    NVidia's lack of support for their own product has been a huge disappointment, to say the least. If they would/could have put this tech onto more people's heads, it may have taken off. The Fry's near me once had a demo station for 3DVision, but it was always down (alas) so no one could TRY it. I was fortunate at the time to have the cash to blindly jump in and buy the setup, and was not disappointed with the 3DV ready games of that time. I have not looked back since, and now I won't need to for some time. If nothing else, there is already a metric butt-ton of fixes here for games I don't own.
    I've always been a huge fan of all things stereoscopic, and just don't get why anyone would miss out for the sake of the necessity to put on those 'stupid glasses.' 3D, IMHO, takes games and movies beyond entertainment to an EXPERIENCE, an experience we'd not have without the fixers out there.
    So many games, so little time...

    Sincerely, the one occasionally known as drastic00 on GeForce forum"

    1. I must also say it is unfortunate, the trolling. Alas, it appears to go with the territory. I once maintained a help page for an entirely different subject, and dealt with the same crud. -drastic00

  7. Thank you! I've played KF1 in 3D for years and it was a shame to see how ballsed up the sequel is. Its people like you keeping stereoscopic gaming alive! :)

  8. Thank you for the Fix!

    Will you also try fix the issues with Reflections or is it not possible?
    I'm completely new to 3D Vision, I turned the convergence all the way down (F5), so I can accurately hit targets while aiming down sights. Is this how I should do it or am I missing something?

    1. Right mouse button is already set up to change convergence when aiming. If you are using XBox controller, copy the setting for RMB, but change it to Xbox controls.

    2. I would definitely love to learn how to fix reflections. So far those are the one thing that have proven to be most difficult in fixing for me, but it's definitely possible. As soon as I can actually wrap my head around how to do that, in general, I'll definitely return to any games I've fixed, including this one, and make an update to include that fix.

      As bo3b has already mentioned (thanks bo3b!), I've already set up an automatic convergence adjustment on the default ADS button, which is RMB. If you have changed that to a different button, or are using an Xbox controller, then please change the following line (found on line 83):

      Key = VK_RBUTTON

      to whatever key you are using for ADS. If bo3b is correct, and you are using an Xbox controller, then you would change the line to be:


    3. Thanks for the reply,
      I was using RMB(toggle) so the convergence change didn't trigger for me. Unfortunately using type=toggle isn't the best solution as well(e.g.: sprinting when ADS does cancel aiming but not convergence setting). So the only way is to use ingame RMB(Hold) mechanic.
      For the convergence amount i changed the value to 0 since the default of 15 didnt line up my sights properly.
      Now i can enjoy perfect 3D quality(except reflections :D) and still hit those pesky zombies.
      Thanks again for Fix...

  9. Hi,
    First I wanted to say a big thanks to DJ-RK for this fix, I started to play this one at the second this fix exists (I’m a KF1 veteran) and have incredible fun during the early access.

    But since the new update yesterday (Tactical response update), many things is now (re)broken. Since we are still in early access, I understand completely that refixing the game is a little bit pointless because other update can broke things again.

    Nevertheless, I simply wanted to say thanks again and warn people about this update (build KF1043). Here is what I saw yesterday while playing a bit:

    -Game (and every other) menu is back in bad 3d.
    -Shadows on characters and enemies are broken.
    -Water effect on black forest map have halo.
    …and probably other things on other maps.

    I will try each map in the next few days and try to report all the broken effects.
    Hope this will help!
    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the report. Was definitely glad to tackle this game when I did, wanted to for quite some time before it even, so I certainly don't regret having to revisit the fix from time to time. Since it's been a nice, long run without the fix being broken, I'm willing to take a look at refixing it soon, rather than waiting for the full release, which I believe is not too far off (however if it gets broken again in a short period of time, then I might hold off for release). Having a report like this, and any additional updates you can provide will greatly help me in getting started. Fortunately, I've learned a thing or two since doing this fix, so I might even be able to fix a few more things that I couldn't fix before (ie. reflections), so here's hoping to that! Thanks again for your time and feedback.

    2. Hi DJ-RK,
      I'm really glad you are interested to take a look! I tried every official maps to track issues and, if you want my opinion, the problems are extremely similar like it was before your fix. So maybe it's only a shift in the shaders numbers and your fix is functional again.
      Anyway, Here is what I found:

      Global issue
      - Game menu, perks selection menu, weapons selection menu etc are back in bad 3d
      - customize gear menu: character have halo
      - customize gear menu: weird artefact on character's face
      - customize gear menu: character shadows are wrong
      - enemies shadows are wrong too
      - lightning creates halo in every shaders. This cause interior map really broken.

      Biotics Lab
      This is a hard map to report because everything seem to have halo.
      I suspect because this is an interior map only and there is probably a specific effect (lighting) for interiors.

      Black Forest
      This map is overall pretty good. However:
      - the water creates halo on guns
      - the fire at the train crash creates wrong yellow-ish effect
      - the mini train interior portion have halo everywhere
      - the trader is wrong in the cavern section

      Burning Paris
      Again, the interior portion of the game is broken like the subway, the restaurant and the two indoor places.
      other broken effects:
      - the flag suspended near the ambulance
      - the kiosk near the double stair
      - weird effect at the edge of the screen in some place (I discovered that you have this behavior when there is light at the edge of the screen)

      Sadly, too many lighting effect since this is an interior map, but I did not see something else. I'm started to think that fixing this lightning issue will fix mostly all issue lol.

      Containement Station
      Same as catacombs.

      Evacuation Point
      Lightning problems too.

      - Lightning problems too
      - When you are in exterior, the gun have a halo, probably because the fog effect.

      Hostile Grounds
      Lightning issue ofc and even this map have a big exterior playground, the many lampposts are problematics.

      Infernal Realm
      Lightning issue (the problem with this issue is that its creates double image on anything so it can be hard to find something else).

      Volter Manor
      Lightning issue and the fog halo like in farmhouse.

      Lightning issue and the fog halo like in farmhouse.

      Lightning effect.

      I hope this will help you, I'm not very familiar with all this fixing thing but I thank you in advance for your hard work on this game.
      Maybe we can team up one time to get rid of those floors one day :)

    3. Ha yes I almost forgot, I discovered that the flashlight is in 2D too :)

  10. So basically it sounds like the update has completely broken things back to square one. Nice! Thanks again for the update, I'll try looking at it something this week or next.

  11. hello, 3d still broken with the latest update, pity, because it was so good before :=( thanks for the help

    1. Yeah, even though I mentioned back when it was reported as being broken that I'd take a look at it again before the official release, I decided against that in favor of simply waiting for the full release. So have no fear, I will probably be looking at this in the next week.

  12. great DJ-RK, thank you, game is updating at the moment (steam)...

  13. Thanks. I'm going to try tonight

  14. Is this working for anyone else? The shadows are 'double vision' for me. I know the mod is installed because the convergence changes on right click.

    1. I know this is going to sound obvious (since I'm the one who made it), but is 100% working for me. Played a match earlier today.

      Are you sure you completely uninstalled the previous fix (if you ever installed it before) and reinstalled the new fix to the Win64 folder? If so, then what resolution and settings are you running at? I'm at 1080P, with everything maxed, other than real-time reflections and lens flares off.

    2. Not sure why but this is what I get

      most of the things are fixed but those broken shadows are annoying. 1920x1080, everything maxed except for the 2 mentioned settings that are off. Im using the nvidia thingy for gibs and blood but I've checked with it off with the same result.

      What drivers are you using? Can you maybe share the profile so we can use the same regardless of drivers installed.


    4. I can't find 00000000608f8972-ps_replace unfortunately. Any easy way of figuring out which shader that is and/or of releasing a new fix?

  15. The shadows are also not rendering correctly for me. I just installed new nvidia drivers and will try some more things but so far no luck. Cheers

    1. I also have a problem with some lighting effects. I tried looking at the forum post above, and managed at least to remove the shadows, but got no further.

      Iron sights are problem also. I think the only way to deal with irons is for everything to go 2D when you use them but maybe this is too tricky to implement.

    2. I just fired it up, and can confirm lighting seems to be broken again. I'll try to look at it again at some point, but can't provide an ETA, as my schedule is extremely tight now with work.

    3. Thanks for looking into it when you have time, very much appreciated, think it will look great!

  16. I know dj-rk is not with us anymore, but I wanted to know if I'm the only one if 3d vision did not even start when game starts? I'm stuck in 2d ( I dont mind using compatibility, but I'm unable now :( )

    Maybe a recent game update, because this was fine 1-2 months ago.

    1. Make sure you are running in exclusive full-screen. None of the fixes work in windowed full-screen. Also, make sure no gibleys are attached to your window frames- like other software. TeamViewer for example installs a retarded control that blocks exclusive full screen.

      If you can't find anything that might be blocking exclusive full screen, you can try allowing ";full_screen=1" by removing the semicolon in the d3dx.ini file. That has 3Dmigoto force exclusive full screen.

    2. Hi Bo3b,
      Thanks for your feedback, unfortunalety those suggestions didn't works for me.

      But after a while, I found that the killingfloor.exe uses windows 7 compatibility (probably from earlier tests that I forgot). This fixes my problem.

      So just wanted to share, dont use this feature with this game :)

  17. This is brilliant. Any possibility RS 2 Vietnam might be convertable?

  18. Great thanks, works fine, but why it is not possible to play game in 2715*1527 ?