Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition

Thou this game is stated as 3D Vision ready, it has some problems with glass effects in windows and on bottles.
This fixes them.
Download Fix


  1. And Batman Arkham Knight?? Sli kicks in when it's in 3dvision mode... Will be a fix for it? :) Thanks for all the support Helixfax team.

  2. Yes!!!yes yes yes!!!
    Got Arkham knight on sale and still whaiting for fix!!!
    Please fix it

  3. Please don't ask for other games on fix pages- you are basically telling the ShaderHacker you couldn't care less about this game.

    Go here instead: WishList

  4. sorrry sorry! I will not anymore!!! Just cant wait :-(

    Thank you for shaderhacker for fix, and thanks to whole respectful community for their miracles and magic!!!