Friday, March 25, 2016

The Division (CM Profile and fix)

As much as I'd love to provide a proper 3DVision fix for this game, it's got a new and advanced game engine, which makes it very difficult to fix. Fortunately with a custom made Nvidia Compatibility Mode profile, the game actually looks pretty darn good, and is likely the best 3D solution we're going to have for some time.

Even with the profile, there were a few issues that would cause certain objects to appear flat, and would make the scene lose it's sense of depth. Fortunately, that's where 3DMigoto comes in, and with it was able to disable 2 shaders which caused this to occur, with the only loss being the pulsing glow on openable crates/bags/etc (they still have a highlighted outline though, so you can tell which ones can be interacted with).

Update: I've updated this profile to include the official SLI bits from Nvidia driver 364.72


1. Download

2. Extract zip file to install directory that contains TheDivision.exe

3. Follow Helifax's helpful tutorial HERE to be able to import the following profile:

Profile "Tom Clancy's The Division"
    ShowOn GeForce
    ProfileType Application
    Executable "rogue_x64_release.exe"
    Executable "thedivision.exe"
    Executable "rogue_x64_retail.exe"
    Setting ID_0x005f5a32 = 0x00000003
    Setting ID_0x00a06946 = 0x280000f5
    Setting ID_0x1033cec2 = 0x00000002
    Setting ID_0x1033dcd3 = 0x00000004
    Setting ID_0x50166c5e = 0x00000000
    Setting ID_0x701eb457 = 0x2241ab21 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x7049c7ec = "웪ꑌ" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x704d456e = "쪳⃟쀰�㒺僪娟簹鹼瀣딅ᤶ厘�빁᱌뼝褧籝譯⑉贼㱅矻粁ꗪ熟胕㖩뫨뚄ᮈ쐙낟锑䭽乂솲᜿ᢺ୽譬壻媦ͬ嚈ᚕ誚㉤跮軤栵⶟䂆驘윜౥폱턇㛨뉟핾鏰뫱" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x7051e5f5 = "籪鸙" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x708db8c5 = 0x5c3300b4 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x709a1ddf = 0x4b1cd969 InternalSettingFlag=V0
Setting ID_0x709adada = 0x37F58557 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x709adadb = 0x3F7EEFFF UserSpecified=true
    SettingString ID_0x70b5603f = "榛鳈⏙ꢗ" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x70edb381 = 0x24208b6c InternalSettingFlag=V0
Serzhas was helpful in providing a good summary on how to do this in the comments below. Thanks Serzhas!


  1. thx! is this fix can work also with Rainbow Six Siege?

    1. thanks this fix is thanks thank thanks

  2. I would love to have this game render properly in real 3d, thanks for the CM fix anyway.

  3. Thanks a lot! Just bought this game, going to try and see if I will like it to death or hate it :)
    The only question is: The Division being online game, could 3DMiGoto be treated as cheating software? :/
    I remember playing The Elder Scrolls Online with 3D fix without any issues though...

    1. The NIP profile import doesn't work. Game is completely broken with NIP profile. I've tried DDU and then importing NIP - no success. However, manual profile import with 3D Profile Import succeeded on first try. May be worth to note in fix notes...

    2. can you explain how you imported profile manualy?

    3. Complete profiles import process is described in full details here:
      1. Open 3D Profile Manager.
      2. Delete "c:\programdata\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs\nvdrssel.bin" file.
      3. Export all profiles to file in 3D Profile Manager.
      4. Search for your game in exported file.
      5. Replace game profile with provided one (use Notepad++ for it, since file MUST be saved in UTF-8).
      6. Delete "c:\programdata\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs\nvdrssel.bin"
      7. Import updated profiles back in 3D Profile Manager.
      8. Enjoy.

    4. Sorry for any inconvenience caused folks. I was in a rush to get this posted before heading out of town for the weekend. I wondered if maybe the official Division profile needed to be deleted first, before it could be imported. Since I'm not home until next week to test, I've just removed the instructions that say to use the .nip file, and will see if there's any way to get it working when I can.

    5. It's OK, DJ-RK :) This is NOT you job, this is hobby.
      BTW, I've tried removing original profile first, and this doesn't do the trick :)

    6. thank You very much for help Serzhas :)

    7. hello
      why is there a .nip in the archive ? is it useful ?

      i replaced my original The division.nip by this one , and i have this now :
      when i activate 3DVision.

    8. finally i tried to export to a file "nvidia text format", i replaced the profile in the .txt using serhaz. i imported using the "profiles.txt" after changes

      now i have this :

      i have a 2xSLI 980

      is it "normal" ? what can i do please ?

  4. it doesnt work for me, in 3d image is flat with moira in one eye and snow issues, what im doing wrong?

    1. See the previous comments, where it was determined importing the .nip file doesn't work. Please use the manual process as explained by Serzhas in the previous comment.

  5. I do not import the .txt file I have no nvdrssel.bin file to be deleted in the drs file ( 6. Delete " c: \ programdata \ NVIDIA Corporation \ Drs \ nvdrssel.bin " )
    how to do?

    1. Probably you looking in wrong directory... This instruction applies for both Windows 7 and 10. Try searching for file by name (do not forget to enable hidden/system files).

    2. thank you it works and this is beautiful, good job

  6. Do i have to do something in game's settings because CM profil is enable but the 3D doesn't work well. I've followed the tuto and i'm playing only in 720p (1280*720) with a dlp projector benQ.

  7. Thanks for the profile. Maybe it's SLI related but i get horrible flickering over screen and/or tearing. Anyone known how to solve this ?

    970 SLi

  8. Well i disabled SLi and i getting more FPS's and not stuttering after playing a while....

  9. In the original game is not designed for 3D and has a lot of visual errors. But after all the changes I had a good result. An example of gameplay in 3D, you can see: Thank you.

  10. Works on uplay version? Or only on Steam version?

  11. both works, but with new addon "survive" recently, didn't work.

  12. Any word on a fix for the survival update?

  13. So this fix is obsolete with the new version? i just downlaoded for the free weekend. and I get a crash with this. Is it working for anyone?

    1. See the game thread:

      Launches for other people, fix is broken.

    2. The fix hasn’t worked for me either!
      Game crashes‌ when starting.

  14. Guys it is possible to get work the fix again ? I love the game. I have played it about 600 hours.
    How many time would be needed to fix it? Unfortunately i have no idea about the fix tools...

  15. Any new fix for last version? Every time I try to play in 3D it crashes on startup..

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Yess!!! The Division is incredible in 3D, works flawlessly on my lg passive 3d monitor with nvidia 3d play and the brilliant 3dfix manager, helixmod rocks !!!