Sunday, April 3, 2016

Prince of Persia 2008 (updated)

fix by: Chiz, updated by: 3d4dd

Shadows and character's ambiant occlusion fixed

This fix is based on the work of Chiz and contains its fixes:
  • 2D UI to 3D.  Very mild setting, adjust to your tastes.
  • Skybox depths and storm effects fixed (dark and sunny).
  • Lens/sun flares focused and adjust correctly with convergence changes
As the old version of Helixmod Chiz used for his fix didn't allow to make distinctions based on textures or PS-VS-pairs some of its fixes messed up some other effects (e.g. in battles). The actual version of Helixmod allowed me to prevent this. So the update
  • (re)fixes some effects during fights
  • fixes the depth of landscapes in the background
  • adds different conversion presets for cut scenes and  exploration
Known Issues:
some magic effects may cause flickering but are only visible for a very short time

  • Download this this zip file and extract it to the folder where Prince of Persia.exe is located
  • Remove Prince of Persia.exe from the profile for Prince of Persia and add it to the profile for Prototype 2 using nvidiaInspector
Hotkey associations can be changed by editing DX9Settings.ini and the key codes from
  • '0' convergence preset for cut sceens
  • '9' convergence preset for gameplay
    You can change the convergence and depth preset by pressing the hotkey of the fix and then the hotkey for saving Your 3D settings (Ctrl+F7).


  1. Replies
    1. ...and this is a game that is worth to be played (again). It has a timeless art style and still looks very good nowadays - especially in 3D. One of my favorite games.

    2. Yea, too bad Ubisoft abandoned PoP 2008 universe...
      Anyways, thanks for the fix! Now I have an excuse to replay it again ;)