Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Soul Axiom

3Dmigoto 3D Vision DX11 Fix

What this mod does:
- Fixes haloing, lighting, shadows & reflections
- Puts HUD & UI at a fixed depth
- Automatically adjusts crosshair depth 
- Adds a toggle switch on the 'Caps Lock' key. Press this to re-align the text in the main menu & when reading "PEMOs" (toy monkeys). Press this key again to place the crosshair back into depth

Remaining Issue:
- In the Warzone area, the auto-crosshair doesn't work properly and gets stuck with too much depth.  If you want, press the 'Z' key to disable the auto-crosshair and move the crosshair closer to the screen. 

- Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the game directory.

Made this using DarkStarSword's Unity template.
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